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The new show Pretty Wicked Moms premiers TONIGHT at 10/9c on Lifetime.  I don’t know what’s going on down there in Atlanta but it seems like Barbie dolls are coming to life. There should be a special prize if you can tell the blondes apart.

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s show…

Did her baby (AKA her dog) just bite that southern belle?! Oh boy. Things are going to get nasty.

Meanwhile, isn’t it humid in HOT-lanta?! Yet, their hair is perfectly groomed and not a bead of sweat on them. I’m way jealous.

This is a sponsored post from A&E Television Networks and/or AETN’s third-party advertisers. All opinions are my own.

4 Responses to pretty wicked moms. part deux. the blonde edition.

  • Nancy W says:

    I know they’re trying real hard, but these girls have nothing on either the Real Housewives of Orange County, OR Beverly Hills. I’m not convinced they’re true Barbies, but their boobs definitely look plastic. Or maybe that’s just me being judgmental. Whatever.

  • They live in a much different part of Atlanta than where I live. And yes my hair is a big old frizz ball these days. They must have filmed this during the drought last year.

  • colt13 says:

    I will be tuning in. But surprised that Atlanta was the choice, with Real Housewives of Atlanta and Big Rich Atlanta already full of people.

  • I tried to watch this last night and couldn’t make it more than 5 minutes. And that’s saying A LOT for me. I watch some pretty crappy TV but this one… painful. And not even because I couldn’t tell anyone apart.

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