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If you want to feel like you’re in New York City when you’re in Atlanta, go to the Georgia Aquarium. Because it’s so popular, you’ll be pushing your way through the massive crowds and strollers. And I understand why everyone is going because it’s a very cool place.

It’s apparently the word’s largest aquarium.

With more than 8.1 million gallons of water.

And houses more than 100,000 animals.

Including whale sharks, beluga whales and two manta rays.

So you can totally understand why this was the ONLY fish Summer was interested in seeing….


I kept trying to point out the amazing whale shark exhibit and she kept begging me to show her the “fake fish” again.

That fake fish is named Deepo (the mascot for the aquarium and named after Home Depot, the company that financed a large part of the aquarium).

Deepo lives in the gift shop.

He seems nice. As far as stuffed fish go.

After saying goodbye to Deepo and visiting friends in Atlanta, we road tripped through Alabama and Mississippi on route to Memphis to see my sister and brother-in-law.

It’s kind of like a multi-city book tour except I never wrote a book. And instead of book signings, we pretty much just stopped and ate at Arby’s.

By the way, if you’re looking for organic, healthy food options, I20 through Birmingham might not be way to go.

And then a little later down the road, we stopped at a gas station where the sales clerk looked at me and my belly and said, “Bless Your Heart” which I think is Mississippi for “You look absolutely divine” or “I love your book!” or maybe “Please don’t give birth in my Quick Mart.”

17 Responses to your 3-year-old will love the georgia aquarium. or at least the gift shop.

  • Jeanne says:

    I’m not sure there IS a healthy eating option on a road trip through the South….

    BTW — did you know that the French slang word for bacon is “lardon”?

  • Bitsy says:

    You are right, the Georgia Aquarium is way cool. And the route from there to Memphis leaves a little to be desired for the taste buds. We drove that route two summers ago and came across pickled quail eggs on the counter at a gas station and in the freezer next to the ice cream: frozen pickle juice!! Pickle-sickles!! Haha.

  • You are cutting just a little to close for my comfort level….Here in LA and that is Louisiana for those who don’t know their state abbreviations, there could be pickled pigs feet, so quail eggs seem sort of benign!! A few years back, we once went through the New Orleans aquarium in 30 minutes. No interest on the part of my girls. A few years later we went to the Insectarium and they enjoyed it more. The best part of the GA Aquarium was also the gift shop for us. We bought the sand that clings together in BULK BEFORE they started having it in Target.

  • Crystal says:

    Bless your Heart is SOUTHERN for…Don’t you look just ADORABLE with your preggo belly! LOVE the GA aquarium! Grew up South of ATL in a litte town called Macon…if you ever go thru there find a NuWay hot dog shop…they are YUMMY!!! And they’re ONLY in Macon, GA…

  • A friend of mine plans to drive from Chicago to Cape Cod this summer (where she plans to meet us at my parents’ beach house). She said she’s so excited for the drive because she can stop at a McDonald’s every hour if she wants. By the sounds of it, maybe I should detour her through Alabama?

  • BTW, bless your heart is a Southerner’s polite way of excusing themselves for whatever they’re about to say next. Bless her heart, she looks so darn uncomfortable. Bless her heart, how on earth will she take care of four kids under the age of 6. Bless her heart, she’s carrying twins (as if that’s a bad thing). And so on.

  • christy says:

    OMG you are so funny – and brave – for road tripping it when so pregnant. I drove from Philly to DC this week and about died of uncomfortableness. I know that probably isn’t a word, but it should be!

  • misty says:

    this post made me giggle… those southern people are so sweet I am sure it was the “divine” comment- for sure. In southernese of course…

    We LOVE that Aquarium so much. She didn’t even love walking through the tunnel? Sad… Surely you bought her the stuffed fish, right? I mean- which such a display of love and devotion. (our daughter got a stuffed Baluga whale there. Which she named “Baluga”, being the crafty girl she is.

  • mexmom says:

    Nilsa is right, it is just a way of excusing themselves to say something mean after… I guess you experience the South all right… haha

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    What? You mean to tell me you don’t like grits? How about biscuits and gravy? Surely you adore pig knuckles and fried pork rinds.

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