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I recently went home for my 85th high school reunion.  It was super fun.

I saw a bunch of old friends who I adore and even got some of our old band “Pink Lace” back together.

In full disclosure this high school band consisted of one of us playing the keyboard and the rest of us belting out “Big Shot” by Billy Joel. We were very serious about practicing our first night as an official band until we found out a less musically inclined friend was having a party so we abandoned our practice and well, the whole band sort of fell apart that night. We all have our Yoko Ono.

It was also really nice to see my mom. Over the summer, 5 year old Cash and I spent a week visiting my mother in Connecticut. And you really should visit her too. Why? Because she’s friendly, loving, nutty and well, read and you’ll see why.

1. The first morning I’m there, my mother comes tearing into my room at 7:30 AM and says, “CASH AND THE DOGS ARE MISSING!! THEY WERE OUT IN THE YARD PLAYING AND I CAME IN FOR A SIP OF COFFEE AND NOW THEY ARE GONE. I’M HEADED TO THE BEACH TO MAKE SURE THEY AREN’T THERE.” And with that, she runs out the front door, to make her way as quickly as possible to the beach.

For any of you who know Cash, this isn’t really an overreaction because this kid has ridden a NYC elevator by himself, was found hanging over a 5th floor balcony, slipped though jetty rocks, wandered down our street alone when he was about 2 years old and a bunch of other things I’ve suppressed. And by the way – all these things happened while we were trying really hard to keep tabs on him.

Back to the missing 5 year old boy and the two dogs. I did find them. They were in my mom’s 1st floor studio apartment that she sometimes rents out. When I opened the door, Cash said to me, “We were hiding from Nanny!”

I’m sure it was the dogs’ idea.

2. Waking up in my mom’s house was sort of like living in an aviary. Every morning I would hear a tremendous amount of chirping.

At first, I thought – wow, there must be a tree very close to the house. But the sound of baby birds was so persistent that I finally investigated. I’m very Enyclopedia Brown like that. And there it was – a bird nest right next to the air conditioner outside my bedroom window.

Huh. Well, the birds were there before me so I figured I could live with a little chirping. It’s actually not that bad living in an aviary. I’m sure way better than a reptile house.

3. My mom will let you put this octopus hat on her.

4. My mom and I went to a clothing store and she decided to try on a few things. In their stock room. Even once we clarified for her that she wasn’t in the actual changing rooms, she was completely undeterred.

My mom doesn’t sweat the small stuff. And the sales girl wasn’t messing with a 70 something year-old woman who was changing in the stock room. So if my mom ever walks into your shop, don’t mess with her.

5. My mother consistently breaks out one of her favorite t-sbirts, “I just want to drink coffee and pet my dogs.” Obviously a crowd pleaser. But this trip my mom broke out a brand new shirt…

Yup. Dirty dancing. Why? I’m not sure. But I’m guessing because nobody puts baby in a corner.


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