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So me and my princess fairy wing girls tore up the streets on Halloween.

I tried to jump on the princess bandwagon (because frankly there are just not enough opportunities in life to wear a tiara)…

But there’s such a fine line between looking all fancy and regal, and looking like you’re heading out to a bachelorette party.  Don’t you think?

See what I mean? 

After trick or treating all afternoon at the shops on Bleeker Street, the girls traded in their day tulle for night time princesses attire. And Rick swapped out his suit for his world champs attire. Yes, the New Yorkers still coughed up the candy for a Phillies fan.

And after a long, grueling day of candy collecting, Dylan is already thinking ahead.

“So what holiday comes after Halloween?” Dylan asks.

“Thanksgiving,” I reply.

“What are we going to do?”

“We are going to go visit family in Connecticut. We’ll eat yummy food, see lots of people we love and be grateful for all our amazing blessings,” I explain.

“Will there be lots of candy there?”

Oh Dylan, we can only hope.

24 Responses to you must be dressed as a princess cinderella tinkerbell fairy.

  • kristen says:

    they looked so sweet, oh i meant the kids, hehe.

    we have the candy fairy come visiting…my girl gives me her candy and the fairy leaves a toy which in this house translates to a webkinz.

    have a good weekend – if you get tired of making phone calls to people that don’t want to talk, you can always call me – i’ll be roaming bleeker street looking for the candy your girls might have dropped.

    kidding of course, but i really will be in the city. xo

  • Jordana says:

    I missed seeing pics of your family! Doesn’t it feel better to say “fairy princess” then just regular “princess”? It seems less Disney-fied!

  • Dixie Chick says:

    There’s a house on the next street over in our neighborhood that gives out….Webkinz – It’s a Hallmark store owner that gives out discontinueds but my girls don’t know that. It’s heaven!!!
    During our escape to Atlanta after Gustav, my littlest one (3yo) who prior to this, had never watched one iota of a Disney movie became obsessed with all Disney – fairy, princess. Now we can’t go back. One fateful Cinderella movie was placed within the DVD holder for the 12 hour ride and it’s all over now. All princess, all the time.

  • Auntie T says:

    Happy Halloween to all my beautiful Fairy Princesses and handsome Phiilie Fan!
    We’ll just have to see what the turkey brings on Thanksgiving! Great pics of all of you! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rhea says:

    We’ve created candy monsters! lol Love the princess attire, on the girls and you.

    You’re right, there’s a fine line between princess and bachelorette party. hehe

    I was a jailbird, my older son a giant whoopee cushion and my younger son a star wars storm trooper. :o)

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Speaking of ‘fairies’; has anyone but me noticed one of the sextuplets on JON & KATE + 8 might be showing signs of being ‘gay’? They’re 4 years old now, and he’s the one who likes how ‘his mommy’s face smells’, ‘doesn’t like getting dirty’, and is a little ‘off’ from the other 2 boys. Not that it matters; but it proves the theory that it’s not a ‘choice’ but genetic. That’s if indeed he turns out gay.

  • stephanie says:

    The girls are darling!!! Tyler LOVED her first official tick-or-treating experience. I can’t wait for the years to come!

  • Jessica says:

    I miss trick or treating in the city! It’s a bit different out here in the burbs! Dark for one thing… we had no visitors… I guess no one wanted to come to the big house at the top of the hill. Too far to walk? So I am left with $50 worth of candy. And every time I try to hide it I find it!!!

  • Becky says:

    so cute.

    I think, us mothers, deserve to wear tiaras whenever we see fit. I just wore one to the grocery store. I am the Princess of Shopping!

  • Robyn says:

    Nothing like some sugar to take our minds off the election.

    Although, we had a car magnet on our front door, so every trick-or-treater was greeted with Obama propaganda. Hah!

  • Deb Ringold says:

    I’m gonna wear a tiara today just because I can. I think we all should wear one every once in awhile, just to celebrate our inner princess. No one in NYC would even bat an eye…there are people running around in costume there 365 days a year. My friend had a spiderman jump out at her and her toddler outside the American Girl store and it was not even close to Halloween. Freaked the kid out for years.

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