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Have you ever noticed that there are good compliments and not-so-good compliments?

The other day I went roller blading with my husband. As we sped along the Hudson River, I said to him, “Wow, do you remember how bad you used to be at roller blading? You were really bad.” I’ll admit it. This is not a great compliment.

Perhaps, “Wow, you are a kickin’ roller blader now. Look at the moves on you,” would have been a much nicer way to say it.

I really should know better. I was running around doing some errands this week and I bumped into an acquaintance who I usually only see at parties now and then. Apparently he is used to seeing me a little more polished and put together because on this particular day, he said, “you look so casual.” That was it. Not “casually beautiful” or “casually gorgeous” or “casual like a super model” – just casual. Hmm… What is the proper response to that? “Yes, you are right. I am casual in these yoga pants and sweatshirt. And you my friend, are so super fancy in your work clothes.” I didn’t say much of anything but casually hurried off to do my errands.

Today at my daughter’s preschool, one of the staff said, “we all here think you look like a prettier version of Meredith Grey from ‘Grey’s Anatomy.'” O.K., that seems like a real compliment. I’m not sure I look anything like her. Here you decide.

meredith-grey.jpg This is Meredith Grey. kelcey.jpg This is me.

I don’t see it. But I’ll take the compliment. Anytime someone says your “prettier” than someone else, well, that sure sounds good. Of course, it’s at the expense of someone else but I’m sure actress Ellen Pompeo can bounce back. If you see her, tell her how great she looks.

But the best compliment I got all week was from 3 year-old Dylan. We were walking down the street and she suddenly stopped, kissed my hand and said, “you are the best mommy in the entire world.” Now that girl knows how to give a compliment.

mama bird notes:

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6 Responses to you look marvelous…sort of

  • Sam says:

    i like: "you look tired." i AM freaking tired, thanks for noticing! not a compliment, funny the things people will comment on. i too, get the best words from my son. one of my favs is when he gazes at me in bed and lists all of the things he loves: "mummy, i love your eyes, mummy, i love your chin, mummy, i love your cheeks…" and on like that. he really has somehow figured out exactly what a woman wants to hear…uh oh!

  • franny says:

    My husband still hasn't figured it out! When I feel particularly pretty (on those rare occasions) and I'll ask him how I look…he responds "fine" (and not in a Barry White sort of "FINE"). He doesn't need to hear it himself and he sees no need to say it to anyone. Thank goodness for daughters. Jen once took my face in her tiny hands and told me, "you're the Mommy-est".

  • Daphne says:

    My favorite is always, wow–you look pretty good (as in, for YOUR age). My girls don't keep it a secret that I would "look alot better if I wore skirts like they do…"

  • Kerry says:

    kelcey – you are a hottie in my book, casual and all. drew asked me if the jeans i was wearing the other were new and then told me they were "cool." fabulous compliment from a 4 year old boy!

  • Abby says:

    I love my doorman but I despise it when, after taking a shower and trying to beautify myself, he says "Hi Abby! You look so tired!" Please, as if I need to be reminded of my aging look…Can I say back "that just lowered your tip, buddy"? just kidding.

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