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In life, I pretty much vacillate between thinking people spend way too much time looking at their phones to spending too much time looking at my own phone.

It’s sort of a yin and yang thing. (I know. There’s no “g” on yin. It’s a hard thing to accept.)

I try to put my cell phone away but then I just have to check Twitter and Facebook and my email and Instagram and some of the news sites so I know what the heck is going on in the world and well, I probably should check Twitter again because it’s been 4 minutes.

I make a serious effort to put it away when my kids are around but it’s not always easy.

There is something about being deluged with constant requests and endless talking from little children, that makes me want to disappear into the online world so I can look at other people’s cute kids who must never make these kinds of demands on their parents.

Or I just want to laugh. Like when I read this Tweet…

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.15.10 AM

I mean, seriously. What were we all staring at before we had cell phones? The countertops? Out the window? Lovingly into each other’s eyes. I don’t know.

But then I saw this photo and it’s the perfect reminder of why we must put our phones away. As often as possible. Take a look at the one woman in the front who seems to be truly present at this event.


This was taken at a movie premiere.

Okay, she probably left her cell in the car and is thinking, “Dammit, I wish I had my phone. I would be lighting Twitter on fire right now with my hilarious tweets. Hashtag Grannie Knows How To Trend Worldwide.”

But instead I’m going to believe that she didn’t need or want her phone. Because sometimes if you’re trying to record it all, you miss it all.

So let’s all look up now and then.

4 Responses to you can take my family but don’t take my phone

  • Judy P says:

    I don’t own a mobile phone. People always ask, “How do people call you for an emergency?!” as if that’s the only thing people do with their phones and if so, there are an awful lot of emergencies!

    And I’m not a doctor, a plumber or a mechanic so I’m not sure why anyone would call me in the event of an emergency anyway. I suppose I could be sympathetic and make them laugh. “Oh, you just chopped your leg off with a chainsaw and you called *me* that’s so sweet of you. Shall I bring a bandaid? Oh and don’t forget to Tweet that stuff.”

  • Leigh Ann says:

    Yes! We went to a music festival recently, and I was waffling between wanting to capture the moments and wanting to take them in so I could actually remember them. Pictures and video are okay, but the memories are priceless.

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