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Thanksgiving Trip - family photo

Because I’ve been looking for ways to increase stress in my life, I decided to take my five kids to Connecticut for Thanksgiving.

Solo. (Because Rick had to stay in Miami and work.)

On the plane, one unlucky passenger had to sit in the same row as me and my 5 children. So as this passenger got to our row and surveyed the situation, I said,

“I know it looks bad but I think this will all turn out better than you think. Keep your expectations low and if it’s truly horrible, I’ll give you 20 bucks at the end of the flight.”

She agreed.

And I still have my 20 dollars so I guess it turned out okay.

I always fly Jet Blue with the kids because those TV screens make my life incredibly easier and as a bonus, 18 month old Cash and I watched a few episodes of “Love Triangle” hosted by Wendy Williams.

Because I know you’ve never seen this show, let me explain. In “Love Triangle”, there is a woman who is trying to decide between two guys she is dating. So of course, the best thing to do in this scenario is come on TV so she can choose “the one” and humiliate the other by not picking him.

On the show, they do fun things like subject the guys to lie detector tests and show you what the men will probably look like in 20 years. I’m telling you, it’s worth the price of the airline ticket to watch this guilt free.

Once we landed, we got our luggage…

thanksiving trip luggage

and then our car service arrived. I installed the 3 carseats and we were driven to a car rental place where I installed the 3 carseats yet again in the rental car. Honestly, could the day get more glamorous? It was like the ironman of carseats.

Well, I must have used up all my carseat installing magic, because a few days later, I had to install yet one more carseat when I borrowed my mother’s car and when I reached my destination (with my son Cash in tow), I opened the door to get him out and this is what I found…

Thanksgiving trip - carseat troubles

OMG. What is wrong with me?! Thankfully, Cash was safe and it certainly didn’t seem to to interrupt his nap.

The trip has some great moments. I loved seeing my family and friends. And I always enjoy seeing my mom’s new design choices like a two tone toilet…

Thanksgiving trip toilet

and her organizing techniques like storing her slow cooker with her toilet paper.

Thanksgiving trip slow cooker

And you all might remember that back in June when I visited my mother, she could not recall her wifi network or her password. And her computer guy who knew this info was vacationing in Puerto Rico. Where the wifi was reportedly excellent.

Well, I can report that 5 months later, my mother still does not know her wifi network or password. No update on her computer guy’s travel schedule.

I did develop laryngitis over the holiday. At one point, I was having dinner with my friend Abby at  a local bar and this bartender…..

thanksgiving trip bartender

asked me….

“What’s wrong with your voice? Did you go see a band last night?”

“Yes. I was at a rave last night. You know how that goes,” I replied.

How old could this guy be? 20? 25? So that fact that some 20 something bartender could even think that I might have been at a band the night before –  well, that is a true Thanksgiving miracle.


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16 Responses to you can go home again. just don’t expect wifi.

  • Honest Mum says:

    Thanks for making me laugh (glad Cash arrived safely too) and I hope that traingle show makes an appearance in the UK, I need it in my life-off to search Youtube immediately! Happy Thanksgiving x

  • Mary Clare says:

    You are my hero! I thought I was brave when I travelled (sans husband) with a 5 mo baby and a 3 yo on a plane, but I cannot hold a candle to your trip. A plane trip with five kids and two multi-carseat installations in one day — most would not have even attempted such a feat!

  • Rebecca Melander says:

    I LOVE this post, purely because I’m living the same, fabulous dream as you, except that I didn’t travel, but rather my Mother-in-law came for a visit. A 2-week visit. Over Thanksgiving. With the Ferguson riot situation canceling school, so 3 kids under foot at all times. She is an AWESOME person with fantastic quirks. Like, for instance, on Thanksgiving night when she lovingly washed all the dishes — fine china and silver — with…soap? Nah. Hand sanitizer. Yes. So although my plates were sanitized, they still had a telltale green bean casserole residue; I had to have a “who can stay up later” tacit standoff so that I could rewash everything while she snored in the extra twin bed in my daughter’s room. Tra la.

    • Kelcey says:

      Rebecca – you just gave me the best laugh of the day. Hand sanitizer?! Brilliant. Sounds like your MIL and my mom would get along perfectly. I didn’t even mention that my mom (who always pays her cable bill) had absolutely no cable signal whatsoever while we were there. Because she never turns on the TV, she had absolutely no idea that her TV service didn’t even work!

  • Issa says:

    Some kids are terrible on the plane. Mine have been a time or two, although thankfully not in years and years. However? The drunk people? Worst than 19 toddlers all close together on a plane. Hands down. I’d rather sit next to a toddler with an ear ache than a drunk guy any day.

  • daphne says:

    having recently spent a gajillion hours in puerto rico airport I can report not a good wifi situation there either. and I’ll also confess to opening a back door to find carseat hanging upside down — luckily before I had a cell phone, so no one the wiser…

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