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The best thing about a 15 hour road trip is obviously once you get there, do a head count and realize you do indeed have your entire family with you.

Not that you thought you would lose one but things did get a little rowdy at Chuck E. Cheese in Alabama.

My husband seemed all on board for this road trip from South Florida to Memphis until a few days before the trip when he said…

“I may have to go to Cuba for work.”

Did we really need to erase cold war hostility between the US and Cuba 8 days before Christmas? This is why women should run the world. Women would be way more practical. They’d be like, “We’d love to get rid of that 50 year embargo but these gifts aren’t going to wrap themselves. But January is wide open for diplomacy changes!”

Rick ended up not going to Cuba because of some visa issues.

And then shortly after he announced, “I have bronchitis!”

Some people will do anything to get out of a long drive, right? And he really played it up with a hacking cough and chills.

But he powered through and on Saturday afternoon, an hour and a half past when we were planning to leave, we hit the road!

4 year old Chase immediately said, “Do we have to go on the highway?”

I assured him we were taking all back roads.

The whole trip is kind of a blur. My favorite part might be when the kids were watching a movie with their headphones on and called out for me, “MOMMY? MOMMY? MOMMY?”

Of course, I’m answering them like any good personal assistant but they can’t hear me because their headphones are on. So I keep saying, “What? Take your headphones off. What can I do for you? TAKE YOUR HEAD PHONES OFF!!!”

And they respond, “MOMMY? MOMMY? MOMMY?”

You can kill 6 minutes of a road trip doing this.

I knew we had been in the car a very very long time and must almost be in Memphis when Rick said to me, “We should travel the state fair circuit and sell pork chop pops. I bet no one is doing that. Write that down. So we don’t forget it. We’ll call them chop pops for short!”

Chop pops. Got it.

I’m totally flying back.

8 Responses to yes, we really drove to memphis

  • DeNae says:

    We, too, have reproduced past the point of airfare prices so long road trips are our go-to mode of transportation. It’s fun to read about your family’s shenanigans. Our longest with our 15-month old is 10 hours because he’s really loud unless I’m singing to him and I’d probably lose my voice if we went any farther. Someday we’ll venture farther, but probably not until listening to the radio will appease him. Happy travels. and good luck with those chop pops. Although now the internet world knows about them, so you better get on that patent!

  • Julie says:

    Sorry but pork chop on a stick is already a state fair staple – and yummy! You can come up with a new idea on the way home!

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