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I misplaced my brother-in-law earlier this week.  I know, first the shrimp and now an actual person.

My brother-in-law is this super sweet, charming Memphis boy who maybe should not be navigating the streets of Manhattan alone.

I spoke to him at 3:30 in the afternoon and gave him directions from Midtown to the West Village.

About a 30 minute trip.

Except an hour and a half later, there was no sign of Memphis boy.

I’m obsessively calling his cell phone and wondering how exactly I’m going to gloss over the “missing brother-in-law issue” when my sister arrives in New York later that night.

“Hey sis. Welcome to New York. Where’s Erik? I’m sorry, Erik who? Oh, you mean Erik your husband!  I didn’t realize you were referring to THAT Erik. It’s a pretty popular name. Of course, not as popular as the name Michael.  But still, pretty damn popular. What? Oh, where is he? Well, you know that crazy guy. He’s probably off scouring the streets of Manhattan for some decent BBQ or a good Elvis impersonator.”

After 2 hours, Erik finally showed up and I was so relieved. He apparently took a very creative route downtown. I wasn’t taking my eye off that boy. He safely watched “Elmo’s Christmas Countdown” with the girls.

We got to spend Thanksgiving with lots of great family and even the driving wasn’t too bad. Although for a large portion of the 3 hour trip, Dylan insisted on having the window open with a strong 40 degree breeze because her “back was sooooo hot.”

After amazing food, my sister Quinn did the traditional reading of “Lucky” magazine to the youngins.

And the next morning, Quinn introduced us to The Gobbler…

Yes, that’s a bagel with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

May The Gobbler find its way into your lives this holiday season.

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