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Each Halloween, they do this really cute thing in my town where kids decorate the windows of local businesses. You have to sign up ahead of time so I told one of my friends, “I’ll sign our girls up together!”

Which was secret code for… “I won’t think about this again until a week past the deadline and then I’ll call the recreation department, beg for a spot and we’ll be added to the wait list.”

If you are a half glass full kind of person, then please focus on the fact that we got off the wait list!

But unfortunately, instead of a coveted spot on our main street where you can chat with friends, grab coffee at Starbucks and listen to a local band – we were assigned this gem of a location.

Yes, a gas station. Because nothing quite exudes Halloween fun like filling your tank with unleaded.

And then we found our assigned window….

I guess that roast beef sandwich is hiding from some kind of rebel faction in his cold cut dictatorship.

Now since I left my hedge clippers at home, I knew we needed a plan B.

Luckily, we commandeered another window where the girls could actually paint without being strangled by some kind of Kudzu plant.

I can’t figure out why but now I’m in the mood for a refreshing cup of iced coffee.

The girls ended up having a lot of fun (One of those children above is not actually my child).

Although afterwards, Dylan took me aside, thanked me for my best efforts but said I really needed to secure a better painting spot next year.

I’m really going to try. I’d hate to get fired from this parenting thing.

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