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I was watching the CBS “Early Show” for a few minutes this week. I believe their target audience age is 78 to 105. You can envision the advertising opportunities. One of their anchors, Harry Smith, seems like a sweet enough guy but he really is wow’ed by this new thing called the internet. Have you heard of it? It’s like an information superhighway or something.

They were doing a little segment on finding deals on the web. You know, it’s two minutes after Thanksgiving, so every segment is focused on how to have a better holiday, a greener holiday, a cheaper holiday, a more yummy holiday, a more bearable holiday, a holiday where you don’t murder your family and so forth. (Oh right… disclosure. As a former tv reporter, I did endless, countless, Christmas and Hanukkah stories that in no way added value to this world).

So back to Harry and his new internet. Harry was bubbling with gleeful enthusiasm that you could actually COMPARE prices on the web. He was so overwhelmed by one site, pricegrabber.com that he even let loose the words, “By golly.” And don’t even get him started on free shipping. Gee willikers!

iphone-fight-2.jpgI don’t blame Harry. Technology moves at a mad, screamin’ speed. I didn’t even have email in college or a computer (just a word processor). Now my own children (ages 3 and almost 1) are obsessed with my husband’s iPhone. They constantly fight over it – both trying to grab it off Rick’s belt. I knew there was a reason he’s more popular than me. How do they even know the iPhone is cool? Dylan puts on her favorite iPhone music and I can’t even figure out how to turn it off. Am I turning into Harry?

When Dylan was a baby, she destroyed my cell phone, sucked the life and all my friend’s numbers right out of it. I promised myself, the next go around, I would be a smarter parent. Scratch that. Summer’s baby wails come to a complete and instant stop the minute she is handed a telephone. Oh, not a toy phone. Girlfriend knows the difference. A real phone. She prefers cell but will accept land line. Wait til she learns about Wi-Fi.

mama bird notes

First, the results of our weekly mama poll. Here’s your dream evening. 66% you want a night out with a spouse, partner or date. 17% are dying to be home alone. 11% will order take-out and the remote control with someone special and the remaining 6% of you are dialing up your girlfriends for a night out.

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Our glowing beauty expert, Alex, is now a full-time working mama. But don’t worry girls, she still has time for us! Oh thank goodness. I’ve always envied that sultry, smoky eye look and the beauty diary knows how to get it. Just click on the “beauty diary” under the menu bar to read more.

Finally, a boys clothing line that is pure genius. You’ll find it in “drooling over this.”

5 Responses to when harry met…dot com

  • Nona says:

    How DO they get the difference between the real phone and the play phones? Does this make anyone else wonder why we bother to buy toys when all they want is the REAL stuff??

  • Kimberly says:

    i am a big fan of verizon for this reason.. they have a feature where they can save all of your numbers on some computer system (i sound like harry here… not sure how it works exactly) but when you get a new phone, the numbers are automatically saved and transferred… saved me MANY times when "water damage" aka reed destroyed my phone.

  • Allison Teweles says:

    okay, so now I KNOW the Alltel guy new darn well that my infant son (who was on my hip in the cell phone store) was the one who licked my cell phone to death, not the purported "rain into my open handbag" story that I insisted upon using. Shoot.

  • Rick says:

    When our ditigal camera suddenly started turning out only blurry pictures, I called Canon. The customer service guy listened to me explain the problem and then asked "Would you happen to have any little kids in the house who may have been playing with the camera recently?" Um, yeah. But how did he know? Then he talked me through the simple process of restoring the factory settings, which un-blurred our pictures quicker than I could say "Stop pinching your sister's neck!"

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