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Some children are joiners. Throw any activity at them and they jump in gleefully. I don’t give birth to those kinds of kids. My children tend to hold back a bit. Or a lot.

Like when one of my daughters was in first grade, she agreed to try soccer. Except maybe I should have questioned her a bit on the phrase “try soccer.” Because I paid for an entire season of soccer and her cleat never touched the field. She did eat a lot goldfish from the sidelines though.

This kind of scenario has happened many times over the years with various children.

And once again, I am faced with a child who wants no part of any organized activity.


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2 Responses to when do you push a kid to at least try an activity?

  • Mary Clare says:

    For my youngest (5), I think she’s scared of the new coach/class teacher or the unfamiliar kids. After a couple years of trying to get her involved in sports, etc, and have her glued to me for the entire class, she’s now trying a gymnastics class with a couple friends. With her buddies she’s at ease and it’s great to see her smiling and running into class. I’m working on having her try soccer, but so far it’s tearful refusals to even sign try it. Baby steps.

  • Judy P says:

    When I was young I joined things under pressure from others but none of them stuck, probably somewhat because they weren’t my idea but mostly because I’m a serious introvert. I still am today. We have an interactive work retreat next week and I’m still trying to figure out what sort of household disaster to fake to get out of it. Unlike your son though, I was very very good at entertaining myself. It’s good you gave him a gentle nudge!

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