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Thousands of years from now, archeologists will be digging up remnants of our civilization and I can already hear them saying, “These are selfie sticks. For reasons still unknown, people carried them around constantly.”

NEW YORK, NY December 12, 2014. Features. Founders of selfieonastick.com, Dominic and Jackie. Brooklyn Bridge, NY, NY. Photo By Zandy Mangold.

Photo by Zandy Mangold, Courtesy of The New York Post.

In New York City, some museums have banned selfie sticks because they are distracting and irritating to other museum goers.

Plus, it ain’t cool to damage artwork with a big narcissistic stick.

Some sports and music stadiums have followed suit. But you can still find selfie sticks everywhere. Especially in big tourist destinations.

On a recent trip to New York City, they were all over the place.

(By the way, in case you think you need a really long arm to snap a photo with a selfie stick – you either use the camera timer or fancier ones come with Bluetooth remotes or handle buttons.)

The selfie stick is really just another way to not talk to people. Because remember when we all asked strangers to take our photo? It was usually a nice, awkward moment – strangers helping strangers get the best vacation photos.

And if their photography skills sucked? Not a problem in the digital age. Let them walk away, delete the photo and ask someone new.

In fact, while I was hanging out on The High Line in NYC, some guys from London (who did not own a selfie stick) went retro and asked me to take their photo.

So I did.


Wouldn’t it have been sad if these guys just took a photo on their own?

You know, that boy in the middle looks a little small. These guys may have been photobombed by some kid with a backpack and blue chips.

In full disclosure, our family does own a selfie stick (it was a gift – I swear) and my kids have a lot of fun with it. But I just can’t imagine taking it on vacation with me.

Perhaps I’m just not seeing the genius in it yet. I mean at one time I did think cell phones were some kind of silly, passing fad. Because seriously, who needs to have a cell phone in their back pocket at all times?!

Umm… I do.

9 Responses to when did the selfie stick get so out of control?

  • Steph says:

    I love this picture. The tourists are looking too cool and Cash is just comfortable hanging out with them. You weren’t kidding that kid is NOT shy:) oh, and my 12-yr old loves to play with the selfie stick. I don’t get it but I’m old.

  • Lisa says:

    I was at Universal a few weeks ago. I was surprised at the number of people carrying that around with them. I would not want to walk around a park and get on rides keeping track of that!

  • MN Mama says:

    I love this photo! I still ask people if I can take their picture and they often volunteer to take one of the group I am in. There is something lovely about it.

  • Caroline says:

    Such a timely post. My family and I recently hiked along a scenic mountainous river. In one spot the slope of the rocks and a deep pool at the bottom made for a natural water slide. The kiddos enjoyed multiple trips down as did other hikers while some of us old folks discussed the joys of simpler times and being outdoors. Next thing you know, a young couple arrives with their selfie stick and proceeds to video themselves on said slide. Totally killed the vibe.

  • Andy says:

    I think I must be living under a rock. I have never seen a “selfie stick” in real life. I’m still convinced that they only exist on the internet.

  • Brian says:

    We were just in Rome and saw so many of these narcissistic tools that my wife began to call them “Devil Sticks.” The even used them to take regular photos with their “camera” phones. I mean really, would holding the phone in your hand be that hard? It was out of control and while not ISIS, ranked up there as a major pain. We did notice that many operators of the devil sticks prefer to make duck faces while posing rather than smile.

  • Varun Kumar says:

    Selfie Has been viral since those selfie sticks introduced I see men and women going gaga over selfie pics oh god!! I really get amused of seeing these things happening so much time spent on selfies here is some thing to share my friend ordered selfie stick from latestone.com website for 299 rs and was using all day now they are getting cheaper

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