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Have you noticed that dog owners are stealing all the good kid names? Some of the most popular names for male dogs are now Max, Jake and Jack. As for female pooches, names like Molly, Maggie, Sadie, Sophie, Chloe and Zoe are all at the top of the charts. Yes, someone actually keeps track of this.

In my apartment building, there is actually a dog named Kelsey (which is of course my name, but I’m assuming she spells it with an “s” like most other Kelsey’s do). It’s definitely a little strange to hear her owner call out, “KEL-SEY,” and to turn around and see a big, fluffy, sloppy golden retriever come galloping along. Surprisingly, this dog owner has always had trouble remember MY name. She often calls me “Chelsea.” Lady, I have the same name as your dog. Where is the confusion here?

My friend Rachel who is about to have a baby in like a minute or so, says one of her favorite names (she wasn’t divulging the name) is taken by a friend’s dog. My sister-in-law Kimberly just named her baby girl Josie. I think Josie is an adorable, sweet name for a little girl. It also happens to be the name of my mother’s dog. I’m just glad Kimberly didn’t name her daughter Martini after our former dog. Now that would have been a little weird. But Josie? Not a problem. You can’t let these dog owners (I’m talking to you mom) have all the good names.

Of course, Rick and I swear we are never, ever getting another dog. But if we one day do, we are going old school like Buster or Buddy. Although the name Michael is nice…

3 Responses to what’s wrong with spot and fido?

  • Jordana Bales says:

    I'm sure my husband, Michael, would just be thrilled to hear the name of your future dog! Ironically, we are thinking of naming our second child Whisper.

  • Terrell Naumann says:

    Kelcey, loved this one especilally! When we named our first Peke "Maxie" in 1992 I did not know it was THE most popular name for dogs, otherwise i would have tried to be more original! Then my good friend, Ricki, named her kid Max and I said "oh,what a great name" and thought i'd better not remind her that's my dog's name!
    And then we got Molly…. sorry to the Molly chilluns in the world. For the twin Pekes, Dana and I each got to choose a name and went for 1 designer and 1 musician…..Rudy and Otis. SO I GUESS NOW WE ARE GUILTY OF HUMAN NAME THEFT! Not so sorry, Auntie T

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