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My husband has decided to start playing a bit of basketball.

Of course, he could just sit around, basking in the glory of his strongest skill sets which include a comprehensive understanding of what is actually going on in the Middle East, knowing the words to every Prince, Paul Simon and Beatles song and allegedly kicking ass in the so-called sport of cornhole. (Yes, it’s a sport. Look it up.)

But he doesn’t bask in the glory. No, he does not. He battles new frontiers. Which is why he told me he’d be playing basketball on Thursday night.

Now when Rick first got home from work on Thursday, we had a little disagreement on which was more pressing… changing Chase’s diaper or setting up the new wireless iPod speaker so the kids could hear music while they ate their dinner.

In the spirit of marital harmony, I’m not going to mention which side I represented but in my opinion, it’s not exactly child endangerment to dine without musical accompaniment.

About an hour later (after the wireless iPod dock had been set up and Chase’s diaper changed), Rick suited up for a little b-ball and walked out the door with these on…

Now I’ll admit that the sneakers did give me pause. They are cool, old school Chuck’s, that look good with a pair of jeans.  But they didn’t exactly look like they belonged on the basketball court.  Unless it’s 1953. Wouldn’t a pair of cross trainers do the trick?!

But I said nothing because after our earlier disagreement, I didn’t want to appear too critical. And maybe it’s 1953.

So off Rick went.

Well, he got to the gym and let’s just say the guys playing had about the same abilities as the starters of the Syracuse University basketball team.  And they were all about 20 years old. And then one of them turned to Rick and said, “What’s up with your shoes?”

Whoa, apparently not digging Rick’s retro vibe.

Then Rick said, “Forget basketball. Let’s talk about the Middle East situation. What do you know about that situation kiddo?”

Or he may have just left the gym.

But Rick is going back to play next week.

Probably in different shoes. No disrespect to Chuck Taylor.

And at least Rick didn’t pull any muscles (yet).  And the guy can totally hook up a wireless iPod dock.

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