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Our family does not have great cake karma. Like the time we ordered a Cinderella cake for Dylan…


If you haven’t yet signed up for your continuing education class in princesses, that is Belle. I know, who gives a crap?! Apparently, every 5-year-old girl on the planet. The nice part is you get a real discount when they put on the wrong princess.

This year, soon to be 7-year-old Summer asked for a One Direction cake.

As soon as I brought it home I said, “No one touch the cake.” Summer apparently heard, “Drop the cake.”

I texted a friend… “Summer has dropped her birthday cake. Niles may have suffered in the fall.”

And this friend inquired why Summer was having a Frasier themed birthday party.

I explained that Niles was a member of the little known garage band called One Direction but thankfully fears over his demise were premature and he appeared to be okay…

one direction cake

But unfortunately, that was not the last challenge for this cake.

It made it to the birthday party….

summer birthday cake

summer blowing out candles

The birthday girl got a piece of Harry cake..

Harry New Direction cake

After the party, I put the remainder of the cake back in the box and left it on top of the fridge. Then Rick threw it in the garbage.

On the upside, he was cleaning up! On the downside, he threw away the cake plus the cake knife. But in his defense, how was he supposed to see the cake and the cake knife through that convenient plastic window?

cake in garbage

I kept saying,”How do you just throw out a cake?”

He kept answering, “Because I thought it was empty!”

I kept saying, “How is that possible?”

He kept saying, “Because I thought it was empty.”

Repeat endlessly.

So obviously we scooped the box out of the garbage and had ourselves some One Direction for dessert that night.

As if you’ve never eaten cake out of the trash.

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