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My 6-year-old daughter Dylan came home from a camp field trip to the Bronx Zoo. She told me about the giraffes, the elephants, the gift shop and oh, there was one more thing…

“There was a gorilla that escaped at the zoo today.”


“Yes. There was a gorilla lost at the zoo. They told us to be on the lookout.”

Now I’m not immediately concerned because I saw “King Kong” and the gorilla seemed very sensitive. Plus, I know from watching the Clint Eastwood movie, “Every Which Way But Loose” that monkeys can be quite loyal with sparkling personalities. Plus this information seems highly suspect.

“Dylan. There is no way that is possible. They would shut the zoo. Who told you that?” I asked.

“The camp director.”

“I really don’t think that’s true. It sounds a little dangerous. I’m sure he was kidding.”

“No, it’s true. He told all of us. On the bus. On the way there. There is a gorilla on the loose. We just had to keep a lookout.”

“For the gorilla?”



As soon as I got home, against my better judgement, I took the time to google, “Missing gorilla Bronx Zoo.”

There did not appear to be a missing gorilla.

I decided not to mention this to Dylan since she was obviously trying to hunt down that ape all day. Plus, she had more to say about the gift shop.

“You didn’t give me enough money. I could only afford this tiny little monkey key chain.”

“THAT was five dollars?!” I’m now more horrified by this than the thought of loose animals at the zoo.

I wasn’t even going to give Dylan any money but then one of her bossy friends came over to me at camp drop off and told me they needed money for the gift shop. And she didn’t say it all sweetly like, “Hi Mrs. Dylan’s mom, can we please have some money?” No, it was more of a shakedown. Like, “We need cash. Cough it up lady.”

And for some bizarre reason, I handed over 5 bucks. I think I was still in shock because Dylan’s pink princess bike had been stolen a few days earlier from camp. I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, who seriously steals a bike with pink and white handle bar streamers? Barbie?!

Okay, we did leave it in the bike rack overnight by accident. With no lock. But still. A princess bike?! From Target?

Unbelievably, the police actually recovered the bike about four days later.  It’s in perfect shape except someone snapped off the pink bell.

My point is – if you see a gorilla with a pink plastic princess bell, let me know.

mama bird notes:

I finally added two more birds to my banner!! Thank you to the very talented Suzanne Duke for her excellent work.  And I have a new widget over there on my right sidebar (under my photo and menu). So when you “Want more mama bird diaries?” just click on it and you’ll pull up a random post from my archives.  Fun, right?

Lastly, you all know I’m a huge fan of UV Skinz. It’s just a fantastic company that sells adorable rash guard shirts and other stuff to protect you from the sun. You can see Chase here sporting his shirt, shorts and hat (courtesy of UV Skinz).

Because this company rocks, it is offering all mama bird diaries’ readers a 15% discount on any purchase until August 31st. Just enter this code… MBD1511.

19 Responses to what happened at the bronx zoo?!

  • francine Kasen says:

    OMG I’m up at 1:17 am and your blog just popped up! Are you actually awake now too?? Go to sleep Mommy! I LOVE the 2 new birdies you’ve added, and it’s about time! Here’s my camp story: When Jenny was about 4 she came home from daycamp with a feather-shaped yellow constructuion paper badge pinned to her sundress (that’s another story) that said “I SURVIVED NATURE> I”M NO CHICKEN!” Apparently during nature time a neighborhood dog leaped the fence, grabbed a chicken from the nature pen and made it his ‘snack’ right there! Traumatizing right? Brilliantly the counselor turned it into a lesson in food chain, survival of the fittest etc.etc.

  • erinb says:

    the extra birdies are perfect!! :-} wow your camp goes to the zoo? K’s camp does things like macaroni necklaces..now I understand why it was $80 for a summer. oh and still have to watch PR!!!

  • Becky says:

    Missing gorilla? Sounds like a ploy to keep the kids focused. From now on, everywhere we go, I’m telling the boys a gorilla is on the loose and they should be on the lookout.

  • Rhonda says:

    LOVE the new birdies and LOVE Chase in his UV Skinz. 🙂 And super love that you just reminded me I need to start recording PR. You are the connection to the only two shows I find time to watch, PR and FNL (and I still have 7 episodes saved of that one! Yeah!) Have a fabulous week sweet lady!

  • Johanna says:

    First, I’m surprised they let the kids still go to a place with a gorilla on the loose… Its not like a loose mouse!! Second, that pic of Chase makes him look so old!!! So cute.

  • LT says:

    So glad that the new birds are there – they look great. Did project runway start again. So glad I read your blog so I can keep up with this important info.

    A zebra did escape from the zoo here last year. Somehow he was on the highway and causing quite a traffic jam. I will let you know if I see any gorillas. . .xoxo

  • Jessica says:

    I went to the zoo near me on Friday and there actually were kangaroos (well, wallabies) on the “loose.” Once you’re in the Australia exhibit there are no fences. The wallabies, ostrich, and peacocks wander around you.

  • Oh, I love your new little birds! And I understand your hesitancy in giving Dylan money for the gift shop–I just cleaned out my kids’ toy table and threw out approximately $390 of crap plastic toys. It really makes my blood boil, to be perfectly honest. Laura Ingalls Wilder had one doll, Suzanna, made out of a corn cob. I swear, I’m gonna go all Little House on them.

  • Jamie says:

    I was just thinking about those little birdies the other day! Just ordered from UV Skinz!! Had been searching for something for the baby girls at the beach this month! Thank you!!

  • Lee says:

    True story. When my sister was with her 2 year old twins a the Dallas Zoo, a gorilla really did escape. She and her 100closest friends had to hide in the zoo restaurant until I was captured later that afternoon. Scariest part? She only had one clean diaper.

  • Lee says:

    Not until “I” was captured (although I have been known to go lax on my eyebrow waxings at times) Meant to say, ” until IT was captured.

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