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My father-in-law used to have a Droid but now has an iPhone. But he hates his iPhone and wants his Droid back. He named a bunch of reasons why the Droid is completely superior which all sounded very convincing but now I can’t think of any of them.

So he missed the window to return his iPhone and now must live miserably with it.

Except lucky for him, his daughter-in-law is a problem solver! Oh yes, indeed.

Imagine his relief when I told him there are lots of people who would buy his iPhone on Craig’s List and then he could get his Droid back and be happy forever.

But he said no. He explained that he’d rather keep the iPhone, complain about it and tell people why the Droid is so much better.

I guess we all need a hobby.

Meanwhile, my mother emailed me the other day to tell me NOT to text her.

She explained that she’s been having a lot of problems with her phone. She’s not getting texts and it’s just not working correctly. She said it’s finally time to get a new one.

Then she called me the next day.

“Good news! My phone is fixed. It just needed to be charged.”

I told her that was good news and thank you very much for the blog post.

Obviously, it you have any techy phone questions, totally send them her way.

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