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I just got back from a family vacation to Naples, Italy!

Oh wait, I mean Naples, FL.

Which is less in Europe.

But it’s super pretty with these killer sunsets.

If you go on the old Naples Pier, you can buy very expensive ice cream and then watch it melts at a rate never before witnessed on this planet while your 4 year old throws a tantrum like a madman because he just realized he doesn’t like ice cream, especially not the melt all over your arm kind.

But you might also see this…

sunset in Naples, FL

Both my parents were on the vacation too and by the way, if you ever really want to irritate my dad, run to the grocery store, buy him Hazelnut coffee instead of regular and also forget to buy his half and half.

Then say something like, “I thought half and half was the same thing as milk.” Then just enjoy the expression on his face. It’s a fun vacation activity.

We did a lot of cool stuff in Naples – like the beach, the water park and the children’s museum. Here’s Rick at the children’s museum doing what every parent wanted to do…

Rick sleeping at Naples childrens museum florida

And we even planned one of those alligator airboat tours. At which point, I had the following conversation with my mother…

My mother: “If we are going on an alligator boat tour, I want to be fully lubricated.”

Me: “Mom, you aren’t going to make love to the alligator. I think you meant to say fully hydrated.”

I mean, OMG.

(At this point in this post, I think both my parents are wishing I had just gotten that law degree and skipped becoming a writer.)

Due to storms, we had to skip the Everglades airboat tour, so instead we drank beer and ate fried alligator. Which is delicious and tastes exactly like alligator.

rick eating alligator

We were vacationing with my sister and her family and of course, needed to take part in a little Naples, Florida nightlife.

naples nightlife

(Rick should totally unbutton one more button on that shirt, don’t you think?)

We found this great bar for dancing (and I mean great because there were people older than Rick and me which is my new criteria for a perfect dancing place). We partied our asses off (AKA danced for 25 minutes) until we went home.

And finally it was time to go home for real.

I always hate saying goodbye to my sister and her family.  Because they are awesome and I never stop laughing and because it really seems like they should be living right next door.

super hero cousins

Quinn with my girls


11 Responses to we went to naples and didn’t even get you a t-shirt.

  • Franny says:

    Looks like great fun! I always fantasized how fun it would be to move to the perfect place….. If I could take my 50 favorite people to be in my hood with me! Then I realized there were more satisfying things to fantasize about.

  • beachgirl says:

    What a cheery way to start my work week! LOL at Rick at the childrens musuem…totally what every parent dreams of doing but never does…your mom and the lubrication had me spitting out my coffee and yes I do think rick should have opened one more button ( PS we were on vacation in Turks a couple of weeks ago and the local TV show was was coming from Florida and there was your handsome husband!) I think he should know that the first time I saw him I said ” oh there’s Kelcey’s husband” and my husband was confused as to who Kelcey was and I tried to explain but it was over his head! Men. Naples is on my to do list – nearly made it a couple of weeks ago but ended up with a right or left ( no sense of direction) turn to Turks and Caicos instead. Glad you had fun!!

  • Alex says:

    Your mom’s words are priceless. Seriously. She’s one of the best comedy writers on the scene today.

    Looks like a great vacation!! Love all the pics.

  • Lanie says:

    Looks like a fun vacation & the pictures are great! So glad that the whole family could get together.

    Pre kids I was working in Naples for a month. It is beautiful there. It always seemed crazy to me that all these people were sitting in offices when they were just a few feet from the beach. xo

  • jen says:

    I love Naples! My brother has a condo right near Vanderbuilt beach, across from the Ritz, not far from Mercado. My uncle also lives there so we’ve been going for years now. How far is Miami from Naples? Next time we go, I’ll try to visit. Sad to miss you guys back in June. Love the pics—kids are so gorgeous.

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