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Just a few days ago, I was so relieved and comforted to see Republican New Jersey Governor Christie and Democratic President Obama touring storm damaged areas and working together to help those in desperate need.

When Christie was asked by a new channel if Christie planned to also tour New Jersey with Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, this is what Christie had to say…

“I have no idea nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I have a job to do. I have 2.4 million people out of power, I have devastation on the shore, I’ve got floods in the Northern part of my state. If you think right now, I give a damn about Presidential politics, then you don’t know me.”

Wow. That’s what leaders are supposed to be about – putting aside politics and actually remembering what they were elected to do.

I don’t really care who you are voting for on Tuesday. Well, I do but this post is not about the election. It’s about what each of us can do. Right now. For the people who are devastated by Hurricane Sandy. If you live in storm damaged areas, do what you can to help out your friends, your neighbors, and those you don’t even know.

Superstorm Sandy Web Banner

If you live elsewhere, consider a donation to The Red Cross. (The organization has been criticized for not acting quickly enough in Staten Island but officials insist they are stretched thin and relief workers are now on the ground there.)

So please do something. Because even though a Presidential election is only a few days away, we aren’t really Republicans. Or Democrats.

We are Americans. And we know how to rebuild and begin again.

18 Responses to we can all do something. right now.

  • Portia says:

    I Amin full agreement. This is not about party politics. This is real. For the 1st time I am/ we are apart of what you see on the news. ALL OF US. I praise my governor, Chris Christie for doing what he did in the wake of this storm. Standing up with the President of the United States is what he is supposed to do and he did it with grace and charm. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what government is supposed to look like. I am a Democratic supporter but I praise Christie for his strong show of leadership. That said…what idiot reporter would ask if Christie would tour with a presidential CANDIDATE? Since when does a candidate begin presidential duties prior to winning an election? It would have been well beyond his scope of duty to tour any hurricane ravaged area in an official capacity beyond that of his own state…are you kidding me? Somebody get that reporter some relief.

  • Portia says:

    Kelcey I hope you and your family are well. I just got power back last night. This whole ordeal is beyond anything I ever imagined it would be and as a member of the Emergency preparedness community, I had great intel on the storm. I pray that you and your family and all others on this blog are well, relatively speaking. Godspeed.

  • Suzanne says:

    I recently began reading your blog, and wanted to say that this post was written perfectly. I can get just as wrapped up in the divisiveness of an election as anyone else (and sometimes feel like the 4-year old girl, Abigael, crying for it all to stop!), but my faith is always restored when someone puts aside all the differences and focuses on their constituency. I’m down on the Gulf Coast and far too familiar with the helplessness you can feel after a hurricane (not to mention dirty and isolated for those without power and flowing water). I hope everyone on the East Coast can remember it won’t be like this forever, and for those who have lost everything my thoughts are with you.

  • Thank you for the thoughts! I moved back to GA from NYC in July and I am missing it badly and am so sorry to see the city hurting. Great perspective given here and a reminder that even if far away we can help a little, not enough I am sure. All up there – please stay safe!

  • bitsy says:

    You are so right!! And I cannot believe that they are still putting on the marathon. I feel so strongly that it is the wrong thing to do. It will divert valuable resources from where they need to be (helping people) to a purely recreational activity. We were supposed to travel to NYC this weekend for the marathon, but chose to give up our flights to those who really needed to get there, and give up our apartment to some people who have been displaced. I could not in good conscience go vacationing in NYC right now.

  • Michelle says:

    I agree! I will say that it’s very sad how Staten Island did not get the response from the federal government that the more high profile photo op New Jersey got when Obama chose to come together with it’s very outspoken media magnet. I think even with the devastation from a hurricane, politial posturing prevails.
    I am seeking out smaller organizations to donate to from my NYC friends. The CEO of the Red Cross makes in the upper six digits…not blaming them for being stretched thin but there are more direct ways to donate.

  • Meg D says:

    As always, well put!

    And I am going to be honest, I was telling myself I might need a post-Sandy treat of a pair of those super cute dark pink cord/jeggings from the GAP. Thanks to your post, I’m donating to the Red Cross instead. So you not only helped the Red Cross here, you saved the Upper West Side from seeing me in dark pink cord/jeggings!

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