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(This is a sponsored post for Luvs. You know the company clever enough to come up with emojis for parents. They’re called Momojis! And yup, you’re going to want these at your fingertips.)

Have you ever looked at all those emojis on your phone. I mean, when was the last time you wanted to text your friend a bee? Or a tractor. Or a paperclip.

emoji 1IMG_2195

Ok, other than the time you stepped on a bent paperclip, screamed in agony, knocking your knee on a stool and accidentally breaking your kid’s art sculpture into a million pieces.

But other than that, the paperclip and many others are so useless.

Where are the emojis parents really want? Luvs diapers came up with the Momoji keyboard and you will love this app. Now you can have conversations like this..

momoji 1

momoji 2


momoji 3

momoji 4

And it gets even more awesome because you’ll find hilarious GIFs like…







It’s making that paperclip emoji look super lame, right?

The Luvs Momoji keyboard can be downloaded from the app store and is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Once downloaded, parents can use the Luvs emojis characters in SMS & MMS iMessage, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Tango, and Gmail.

You can find the app here. And yes, it’s free. (There are even promojis where parents can access great deals on diapers!)

Also, don’t miss our Momoji Twitter Party (December 15th 9 – 10 pm EST) Hashtag #Momoji. We will be giving away lost of $$$ (AKA American Express cards). So join us!

And let me know what you think of the Luvs’ Momoji keyboard as soon as you try it out.

This is a sponsored post for Luvs. All ideas are my own. 

4 Responses to way better than the emoji – it’s the momoji! how have we lived without this?!

  • Wolfe says:

    Be careful! My friend was about to download this and got a warning that the app can send your keystrokes to the developer which could include any credit card info you’ve recently typed.

  • Kelcey says:

    I spoke to LUvs about privacy concerns and they stress that your personal info is safe… “All third-party keyboards require Full-Access in order to function properly. We use this to update with the most recent emojis that are available! Your private information is not seen or stored. Please email support@makesnaps.com for more information.”

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