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People are always emailing me for advice on visiting New York City.  And I love sharing my favorite restaurants and stomping grounds with or without kids. And this may become my most important tip…

If you’re going to visit the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx (which is totally gorgeous and has an adorable kids area), you really should bring shoes.

Just ask 5-year-old Summer who spent the entire afternoon there without any.

P.S. How am I supposed to make sure EVERY one of my kids has a pair of shoes when we go out. My goodness, I’m not a miracle worker.

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12 Responses to the most important thing to know before visiting new york city

  • red pen mama says:

    My younger daughter spends all summer running around our neighborhood without shoes. She finally got a terrible blister on the bottom of one foot, and for two weeks I have been able to force her into sneakers (to prevent infection!). I’m such a mean mom. But, for true, if you don’t stay vigilant, kids will try to get away with anything.

  • Lisa says:

    Happened to a friend of mine, her son was rollerblading in the drive while they were loading the van and she said “let’s go” he took off his skates and got in the van. First stop he realized no shoes. He was about ten, was only bringing one pair of shoes for an overnight trip. She was furious…

  • VictoriaL says:

    Hahahaha, this makes me feel SO much better. When we arrived at the post office parking lot this morning, son #3 asked “are there shoes in this car?” because he had done the very same thing.

  • Jodie says:


    I have a friend who didn’t realize her 2.5 yr old daughter didn’t have underwear on under her dress. That was an unforuntate detail to find out from her Sunday school teacher at church that morning. Oops!

  • Steph says:

    Really, how can you be expected to make sure all 10 feet (including yours) are shod? It is just too much for one person. Too funny!
    p.s. hope the pavement wasn’t too hot & I bet Summer will remember next time;)

  • amazing. i can totally relate. 5 kids here, a buttload of shoes throughout the house, and outings can end with the 95lb, 10yr old SON in the shopping cart because he didn’t wear any. why. WHY. jesus, take the wheel.

kelcey kintner