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My husband Rick doesn’t notice much around the house. The same stuff could be sitting on the same counter for a really long time and he would never notice.

But for some reason, he has super powers when it comes to noticing these sparkly pink sequins that keep falling off Dylan’s shirt.

dylan sequins girl

He constantly picks them up off the floor and groans about it as if someday we are going to drown in a sea of glittery sequins. I think that’s actually how Liberace died.

So the other night, Rick had gone to bed and 7-week-old Cash was still sleeping in his car seat in our living room. Cash had been out partying with us at a fireworks party and we left him in there for a bit when we got home.

And as I reached down to take him out, I saw this…

cash sequins boy

Yes, Rick stuck one of the sequins to Cash’s head before he went to bed.

Because what’s the point of having children, if you can’t use them as a prop for comedic fun.

mama bird notes:

In general, I don’t accept free product because this isn’t a product review site and well, I don’t like stuff all that much. But I was contacted by Lyfe Kitchen which makes these frozen, healthy, low calorie meals in environmentally friendly packaging. And I agreed to try them – mostly because I was starving at the time and couldn’t figure out how to get to the grocery store. And as far as frozen meals go, they were good!  Chicken chile verde with polenta & black beans was my favorite. Now I wouldn’t serve these at a dinner party but for a quick yummy lunch, they were great.  (This is NOT a sponsored endorsement.)

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8 Responses to this is why i married my husband

  • I once stuck a suction cup toothbrush on my daughter’s forehead as a joke for her brothers…unicorn baby…only it was a bit more difficult to remove than I had anticipated…and it left a red mark on her forehead….and she was getting baptized in three days. I was rubbing Eucerin and triple antibiotic and tea tree oil trying to remove the “hickey” from her head before all the family pictures!!!!! Hope the sequin didn’t leave any lasting damage!

  • Laurie says:

    Marriage can be a “crap shoot,” and how lucky are we when we get a “keeper” who keeps us chuckling! A sense of humor never grown old!!

  • Steph says:

    Oh isn’t it funny how communication changes between hubby & wife after babies?? You and Rick crack me up. also, I’ll have to check if our local grocery carries that brand of frozen dinner bc I burned myself out on the others a couple years ago. Thanks!

    • Kelcey says:

      Another brand I love right now is the Amy’s Light cuisine… in the natural section. Pretty yummy for frozen food.

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