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What’s not to like about Halloween? Chocolate? Check. Free stuff? Check. Grown adults looking like jackasses? Check. Cute kids in funny costumes? Check. Seriously, this holiday rocks and rolls with good times. I wish all this sassy Halloween fun lasted through those depressing January and February months. That’s when we need a few saffron colored pumpkins and a little face paint. Halloween is the bomb.

3 year-old Dylan is not into it.

This was our conversation Halloween morning as we walked to the coffee shop on West 11th Street.

Dylan: Look at all that dog poop on the ground.

Me: I know honey, people are supposed to pick it up. Are you excited about Halloween?

Dylan: No. Look, more poop.

Me: Honey, what’s not to like? You get to dress up like Cinderella (Dylan insists her Tinker Bell costume is Cinderella and I’m not going to squabble over the details), collect candy, stay up late… aren’t you excited?

Dylan: No. Why don’t people pick up the poop?

Me: (loud sigh) I don’t know. The dogs’ owners should. It’s gross.

I didn’t always love Halloween. When I was 8 years-old, I dressed up as Olivia Newton-John at the end of Grease when she finally dresses like a slut and gets the one that she wants. She wore a tight black outfit, spiky heels and curled her Sandra Dee locks. Except that I wore a black leotard, matching tights and my grandmother’s short, curly wig. Nobody knew who I was. I looked like some granny at an aerobics class. Very sad October 31st.

By late afternoon of this Halloween, Dylan had warmed up to the idea a bit. We trick or treated at the stores along Bleeker Street. She never actually uttered the words, “trick or treat” but she did say, “thank you” and didn’t get too mad when everyone called her “Tink” instead of “Cinderella.” I asked her to be extra cute in the Marc Jacobs store (not sure why because it’s not like they were giving out free posh tops to the moms with the most darling kids). As for next year, no Cinderella/Tinker Bell mishmash. She says she wants to be a princess ballerina. Fine with me, whatever the heck that is.



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One Response to the tink who hated halloween

  • Abby says:

    I hate Halloween too! It completely stresses me out. When I was a kid my babysitter-not my dear mom-made me a witch hat so I was forced to be a witch for like FOREVER. Then one year I was Boy George with the long braids, but otherwise I have no creative bones in my body and the idea of figuring out a costume is stressful and terrifying. Oh and one year at Vandy I went as Robin to my friend’s Batman. But still….I blame my dear mother. I told her last night she messed up Halloween for me and she said “sucks for you that you do not have a creative mother.” But she was sorry, and I told her although I’m a little traumatized from it overall I think she did a pretty good job (my brother is a different story but he’s ok now too). Dylan-come hang with me next year! I’ll buy you all the candy you want and a plastic pumpkin. Then I will recommend my friend Rob Schulman to be your dentist.

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