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I’ve been sort of on the edge of a nervous breakdown this week. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the heaviness and tragedy in the world that I can’t fix or even comprehend.

Then add in my own chaos at home. I love my children but why must they all request things AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Plus, 9-year-old Dylan is once again very anti-Florida after her trip to New York and I vacillate between compassionately listening to her grievances and impatiently telling her to be grateful for all the wonderful things in her life like a home, a family and sunny 75 degree weather.

And then factor in my fatigue and well… that’s how you get to nervous breakdown territory.

So in case you’re having a rough week or even if you aren’t, here are some of the things that made me laugh…..

The fact that Kim Kardashian thinks this is an outfit…


That Martha Stewart, the queen of hosting, tweets food pictures that look like this…


Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 10.18.40 PM

She can keep the salad and the onion soup lunch. Ugh.

There is even a Change.org petition to get her to take better pictures with her iPhone.

Another favorite item – pictures of people recreating their childhood photos. This is one of the best…


Finally, one of my friends in NY (let’s call her Daryl) sent me this…

Ryan Gosling coloring book

ryan gosling coloring book 2

Yes, that’s a Ryan Gosling coloring book.

Totally awesome.

Suddenly, I’m feeling much much better.

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