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There are good Mother’s Day gifts. And bad ones. Like a bad one might be a new air conditioner filter. Or window insulation.

A good one might be a Ryan Gosling scented candle which smells like handsome, talented and endearing.

I get a lot of emails this time of year with ideas on Mother’s Day gifts. Like a breast pillow that reduces cleavage wrinkles while you sleep. Okay, that was a few years ago but I still can’t erase it from my mind.

But once in awhile I see a Mother’s Day gift that I just LOVE. Like love so much I’m giving it to my mother. And this year, it’s this…


There is one small heart for where I live in Florida, another small heart for where my sister lives in Memphis and they connect to a big heart where my mother lives in Connecticut. For those of you not near your mothers, I think this gift from City Prints is just sweet and cool. And the kind of thing my mother will adore.

And as a bonus – it’s a mini geography lesson!

So skip the flowers this year (because no one likes cleaning out those vases once the flowers die or is that just my issue?) or send the flowers too but give your mom one of these awesome prints for only $99.

Free shipping if you order by May 2nd. Click here to order or learn more.

This is a sponsored post. All ideas like the ones about cleavage wrinkles are my own. 

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