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footloose-3.jpgI’ve always been a bit obsessed by six degrees of separation. Mostly because I’ve been in love with Kevin Bacon (aka Ren) since Footloose. That’s 1984. “One kid, one town, one chance. All he wanted to do is dance. ” Oh, that Ariel had it so good.

O.K. I’m back.

But it does seem like everyone is intermixed and interconnected. This weekend I’m at the Publicolor Top Coat benefit. My girlfriend Margo introduces me to her friend Russell, who also just happens to know my friend Liz, who once upon a time introduced me to Sarah who is married to Erik, who is best friends with Russell. I’m not sure if any of them knows Kevin Bacon. They must.

There’s also a therapist (I’ll call her Kate) uptown whose number is in practically every cell phone in the city. Sooner or later, every guy or gal in Manhattan makes a desperate pit stop at this woman’s office because (1) there are a million problems out there (2) who couldn’t benefit from a little therapy and (3) she’s the best. Now, you’re thinking – wait, I need talk to this Kate. Email me. I’ll give you the number. No questions asked.

As for Kevin Bacon. I have no idea if he sees a therapist but he and his wife Kyra Sedgwick did come to a concert with my husband Rick and me. It was James Taylor, Madison Square Garden, 2001. Kyra was just a few people back from us in the concessions line. Then, we rode in the same subway car with them on the way home. It was practically a double date. Fine. We don’t know them.

But you do know me through the mama bird diaries. I know my husband. My husband’s best friend writes for the The Closer which stars Kyra Sedgwick who is married to Kevin. You see, Kevin is still the center of the universe. Let’s hear it for the boy.

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