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Not long ago, I found myself out with three single women. We were at Norwood, a new British-inspired private club which resides in a lovely townhouse on West 14th Street. I felt like a cool kid in the “in crowd” as I admired the grand staircase and the pristine dining room. Immediately, I tried very very hard to not talk about my children.

I did not want to bore these stylish, career savvy women. One works for Prada. The other two are both marketing executives and internet entrepreneurs. They all wear posh, chic outfits all the time (or at least every time I see them). In full disclosure, this was the first time I met the Prada gal, but PLEASE, she works for PRADA. How bad can she look on a Sunday afternoon?

So even though I spend about 13 hours a day, caring for two very scrumptious, very messy and very unpredictable girls, I barely uttered a word of it. Instead talk turned to movies ( which I rarely watch), working out (which I try to do), ex-boyfriends (definitely have done that) and pets (not doing that anymore). I enjoyed the conversation but it felt very counter-intuitive to ignore a GI-normous part of my life. Still, what single girl wants to hear about weaning, potty training and teething? So tortuously dull. Right?! I’d rather hear about their dating lives.

Surprisingly, I learned this lesson from our former dog Martini (for the history of this mutt – lab mixed with kangaroo and a big dash of crazy – see previous posts). When we first adopted her from the shelter, we were OBSESSED. We would go out with other couples and tell endless and I’m sure tedious stories about our dog. We could tell Martini tales from the first martini, right through the main courses, to the last cappuccino. No one could stop us. I’m not doing that again. When it comes to kids, I don’t want to be that mom.

Neither does my friend Laura. When she works out with her personal trainer, she makes no mention of her two little boys – until conversation starts to wane. As silence descends between abdominal crunches, it’s like another being takes over and she can’t help but babble about her brood to this trainer who just can’t relate. She vows to be stronger next session.

When a bunch of us mamas all get together – it can be a child talk off. The other night I think a small group of us clocked 37 minutes alone on potty training. Wow. There’s a balance to be found here.

So let’s go to dinner. We can talk about politics. Maybe then discuss a few celeb sightings. Chat about an article I just read in New York Magazine on air travel. Weigh in on the real estate market. Then just for a moment, I must tell you about Dylan and Summer. Because they did the cutest thing.

mama bird notes

First of all, let’s talk about sex. Finally, we get to find out what’s going on behind closed doors (without prying). Turns out a whopping 66 percent of you have sex a couple times a month. 10 percent do the wild thing once or twice a week. 7 percent of you have sex practically everyday and really, we all salute you. Finally, 17 percent of you are getting no action in the bedroom. Click on “Your mama says what?” under the menu bar to take part in the newest survey. It’s all about your dream evening.

In this week’s “beauty diary,” Alex writes about a holiday gift box that is actually worth giving and receiving this season. Click on the “beauty diary” to read more.

Contributing mama Daphne Biener writes about a naked bird. I can’t say anymore. Click on “contributing mamas” under the menu bar.

In “drooling over this,” I have a book recommendation. Sort of. I explain.

Finally, Project Runway is back. Heidi and Tim: you guys are the cutest couple. Thankfully, the show stuck to its “make it work” format and it worked. Sadly, my fav did not win. But this is the winner, designed by Rami:


And this was my pick, designed by Victorya:


To see all the runway designs, click here.

3 Responses to the singletons and the married one

  • Another mother says:

    I for one would MUCH rather discuss potty training than fashion – but I would have as a single gal as well (good thing I had kids, huh?).

  • celia says:

    Well if its any consolation, as a single girl, when all my "mommy friends" tell cute and funny stories about their babies, I chime in with stories about my dog. Its a sad attempt to keep up!!!

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