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So I never did abandon my four children and go to Paris.

I heard it’s terribly hot there in August anyway.

And who needs a fresh croissant oozing with melted chocolate? Never mind.

Here in New York, I may be turning an ever so slight corner. No, the twins aren’t sleeping through the night. (By the way, “Are they sleeping through the night?” has won The Most Asked Question in the month of August – narrowly beating out “Are those babies twins?”) I still only get three or four or five hour stretches of sleep but there are little moments where everything clicks.

Like I actually figured out how to take a walk with all four of my kids. Well, Tracey thought of it and she, sensing my desperation, was nice enough to share.

I put one twin in the stroller, along with my walk phobic 3 year-old Summer. Then I put the other twin in the Bjorn and Dylan rides on her scooter.

Photo Courtesy of Dylan

It took about three hours to get out of the house that day but dammit, we took a walk.

I’ve also been making myself nuts with all this breast feeding because I literally nurse the twins, barely say hello to Dylan and Summer, maybe get a snack, pee if I’m lucky and it’s time to feed them again.

So a mother ever-so-gently suggested that maybe I substitute formula for one of my feedings. Wait – I don’t have to be chained to my Titanic size nursing pillow? It was liberating. So I’m now nursing just a tiny bit less and it’s making all the difference. It actually allows me to get out and do more things because I don’t have to be nursing ALL THE TIME.

And we found a new babysitter who seems fantastic. It’s only day four but she seems like the kind of gal you would totally leave your four kids with if you ever, you know, headed to Paris on an emergency croissant assignment.

I’ve started to feel a little calmer – like maybe this baby-go-round could be manageable. At some point.

So when the toilet completely overflows to the point where our entire bathroom floor is covered in toilet bowl water and I’m absolutely sure water is going to start seeping through the floor into the dining room and I’m trying to figure out how to get the plunger and resolve the situation without alerting Dylan and Summer that there is something crazy going on upstairs because their involvement will not make the situation better…

Or when almost 6 year-old Dylan has an epic size tantrum at a pizza place because she decides she wants to sit in a HIGH CHAIR for the first time in like four years and I won’t let her…

I don’t always completely lose my sanity.

And there are even moments when I can stop, breathe and truly appreciate this…

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