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So when are you too old to have long hair? My friend Sarah asked this question a few weeks ago. I don’t really know the answer. I have long hair now and I’m going to be 40. O.k., it’s still three years off but as Sally (aka Meg Ryan) once expressed, it’s out there.

A mini skirt? I’m definitely too old for that. What about signing up for Facebook? This social network on the web is the online stomping grounds for high school and college students. But now, it’s apparently also becoming a business networking tool for the thirty and forty something crowd. So I created my Facebook profile. I felt like a cool hipster until I realized that I was creating my profile on a Saturday night, at the same time all the ultra groovy girls were out doing way more fabulous things. Damn. Now I need to search for Facebook friends other than my 20-something babysitters.

It seems like you’re never too old to do a lot of things. My mother, at the age of almost 65, plans to attend Smith College to earn a master’s in social work. This accomplished woman already has a masters from Yale and a PhD. Girlfriend apparently likes to study.

My father has one more year until he retires. Then he plans to learn how to play the piano, hold orphan babies in Romania and perhaps, join the senior ice hockey league on Cape Cod. I hear my dad was pretty good on skates back at Denison.

My uncle, who’s in his late 50s, just moved to Roatan with his wife and twin babies. No, Roatan is not a town in Connecticut. It’s off the coast of Honduras. That is one adventurous spirit. They are ballsy.

But it’s always nice to be reminded that your entire life can be an opportunity to do and try new things. I really like that. You’re never too old to reinvent yourself. Or to just be yourself. Long hair and all.

mama bird notes

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5 Responses to the old bird with the long locks

  • Daphne says:

    Very funny! I had a dream last night that my hair (currently very long) was cut somewhat against my will. My mother-in-law told me years ago that I was closing in on that age when I would no longer be able to wear it long…hence my long hair now!

  • Kristin Kutscher says:

    Well, I did feel a bit funny while I was growing out my hair to donate it to Wigs for Kids. Once it reached past my bra strap, it was a bit "long for my age". My hair hadn't been that long since my college days! I felt like a throwback to the early '70's! And maybe I just blended in with the NYU crowd (until I smiled and you could see my crow's feet!) I couldn't wait to cut it (and did so this past weekend). My braid measured 13 inches! But with a short bob, I feel a bit more stylish, although I will be growing my hair long-ish again, just with a bit more style to it. Who says we have to cut our hair short when we get older anyway? And Kelcey – your hair looks fabulous!

  • Sam says:

    thanks kelc, very inspiring! and very inspring parents you have. i love that we have so many (like 12?) lifetimes in one and so much is up for grabs really. and sometimes we don't know yet, how the reinvention is going to look, but that is ok, the universe is really abundant. life is NOT dull and i love that!

  • Abby says:

    If you can wear your hair long I say go for it. Mine is longer than it's been in years and I have no plans to cut it. I think it makes me look younger. And the bangs cover the lines appearing on my forehead. There is no official law on how long your hair needs to be!!!!

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