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When I first became a mom – one of the things I noticed right away about parenthood was the serious lack of days off.

I mean, every week Friday would roll around and once again the boss baby would expect me to work. Saturday AND Sunday. Long hours. Like 12 hours day. And nights too. So demanding for such a mini boss who couldn’t even walk on her own for gosh sakes.

And after 7 years of working this 7 day a week job, I always appreciate a little break.

So when I recently got an email from ABC News Digital asking me to do some kind of interview on some day about something, I was like hell yes. Let me ring the babysitter! Wait – what did they want me to talk about?!

It turns out they invited me to be part of their web series called “Moms Get Real.”

So on Tuesday morning, off I went to ABC’s Juju Chang’s apartment.  I joined Kimberly Seals Allers of  The Mocha Manual and Carol Cain of  NYCityMama to talk about some very interesting stories  – like a high school senior who submitted a steamy photo for her yearbook picture, the new legos marketed for girls (they have boobs!), some controversial child obesity ads and breastfeeding on TV.

Did you know they used to breastfeed on “Sesame Street” and now there is a push to bring it back? Not the muppets. The real people. I have no idea how the baby muppets get their nourishment.

Here we are before the shoot, putting our mics on….

The “Moms Get Real” discussion was lots of fun and I really didn’t want to leave Juju’s apartment with its gorgeous interior and views of Central Park but she refused to adopt me. She said something about her plate being too full with three boys and a successful TV career. I left but I’m hoping she reconsiders.

To watch the video, click here.

Enjoy and have a good weekend. xo

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