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I like to think I’ve gotten this Hanukkah thing down. I’m not Jewish but I’ve been celebrating Hanukkah with my children (along with Christmas) for the past 11 years.

Since we have five kids (at least the last time I did a headcount), I’m always on the lookout for affordable cute gifts. And I knew I had a winner for the 3rd night of Hanukkah when I came up with lunch boxes.

All the kids needed new lunch boxes (so practical!) and I knew they would be excited about new ones (and might temporarily stop complaining they weren’t all getting the iPhone 6 Plus).

Because I’m a seasoned parent (this is foreshadowing that I might screw up), I got my 3 girls the same Justice lunch box. Why? Because if I got different ones, then one would be jealous of the other, they would start whining and I would get one of those parental headaches that can only be solved by a glass of wine and a viewing of “Sweet Home Alabama.”

So they opened their lunch boxes and yay, they loved them! (Even once they realized the iPhone 6 Plus was not inside.)

But here’s where I went wrong.

Lunch making is not a glamorous business. My kids help out a lot with their lunches because there is no way I’m taking that task on alone when there is good TV to watch. But I make a lot of the sandwiches, add certain things and verify they haven’t packed 3 Snickers bars.

But now I just made things way harder for myself because their lunch boxes look EXACTLY the same.


See what I mean?

Which means I might give Summer pickles when it’s only Harlowe who eats pickles and I’ll give Harlowe string cheese but it’s Dylan who likes that kind of cheese and I’ll give Dylan BBQ chips but it’s Summer who actually eats those. It’s confusing enough without adding a layer of complexity like “Whose lunch box is this again?”

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this issue earlier.

So I did what any mom would do.

I put on luggage tags.


Problem solved. I hope.

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