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If this goes on any longer, my husband and I are going to need couple’s therapy. Martini is in the house. Our very spirited black lab mix (formerly of Manhattan, now residing in Southern Connecticut) has been staying with us for the past week. Her new family is on vacation. Oh god, I hope they are coming back.

martini-blog.jpgSeriously, it was nice to see the black beauty. Until she pooped in the apartment. Many, many times. In fact, in one day alone, she pooped four times – three times on the floor (not so bad), once on the rug (very bad). We aren’t sure why. We’re certainly walking her. Maybe it’s anxiety. Maybe she has a stomach virus. Maybe she now prefers hardwood floors to city cement.

Plus, this is my husband’s first pet. We found her at a rescue shelter and she was part of our family for more than four years. She was particularly close to Rick and it was hard to let her go. Martini needed to move to the suburbs and we weren’t ready to move with her. But her return is emotionally difficult and it’s causing a lot of stress for Rick and me. We are squabbling over this dog when we would rather just be enjoying each other’s company or at the very least squabbling about other things, like where we put Dylan’s favorite flip flops.

It’s much easier for our girls. 3 year-old Dylan likes to help me clean up the poop. 10 month-old Summer is enjoying the dog immensely. The other day, I found her chewing on Martini’s greenie (a dog treat). Interestingly, Summer is actually quite constipated right now. Martini obviously can’t stop pooping. And I guess the rest of us fall somewhere in the middle.

One Response to the martini hangover

  • Abby says:

    At least Dylan likes to clean up the poop. I think Matt and I left those goodies for my mom and pretended we did not see my pup Nikki's little treats. The dog will be leaving soon so hang in there.

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