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My dad’s ex-girlfriend used to have this amazing pink silk pillow. Man, I loved that pillow.  It’s probably been 35 years since I’ve seen it and I can still remember how it was perfectly pink and silky and smooth against my cheeks.

When I was a kid, this girlfriend always promised that she would make me one. But she just never did. There was no ill intent. I’m sure she got busy with adult stuff the way adults do.

Now I’m the adult. And for the past two years, I’ve been promising Summer something. A baby book. The girls love to pore over Dylan’s baby book and the inevitable question always comes up.

“Where’s my baby book?” Summer asks.

“Oh, I’m working on it, honey. I promise I’ll do it soon,” I respond.

But I don’t. There are always emails to read, dishes to do or I’m just too tired.

So the other night a babysitter was here. She was reading to the girls while I got ready for a dinner out. Dylan pulled out her baby book and they all started looking through it.

As I put on my lip gloss (because I always wear lip gloss), I heard Summer say, “My mommy is still making my baby book.”

And it completely crushed my heart.

It was the pink silk pillow all over again but this time, I was the one who was letting a child down. My child.

The very next night, I never put on the TV. I never turned on my computer. I let the dishes sit in the sink. And I sat down to do what I should have done two years ago.

summer baby book 1

summer baby book 2

I made that girl a baby book.

Because some promises must be kept.

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