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Sometimes Rick says the most insane things.

Like the other night he said, “Now that you’ve done Summer’s baby book, do you think you’ll put together our wedding album?”

My God, does he think I’m some kind of magical miracle worker or something?

I JUST finished the baby book after 2 years of procrastination. I need to rest. I would say at least a second season of “90210” before I can even contemplate another album. Plus I’m too busy watching YouTube videos like this one (a guy updating his Facebook relationship status during his wedding) to take on another big craft project right now.

So be warned, there is a downside of finally pulling together one of those baby books. It leads to great expectations.

Oh and another crazy thing my husband mentioned the other day….

“I don’t like this frosted shredded wheat. I prefer the plain.”

The ones that taste like cardboard?

Rick eats shredded wheat as a healthy snack and I suggested he buy the frosted ones because they would obviously taste so much better and aren’t much higher in calories.

But he swears they are too sweet. I’m not even familiar with the concept “too sweet” so I just looked at him with this puzzled expression.

I guess I’ll understand his love of plain shredded wheat about the same time he understands why I’m cold when it’s 61 degrees outside.  

Which should be about the same time that wedding album gets made.

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