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If you read this blog regularly or even every third Tuesday in months that end with R, then you know my 4-year-old daughter Summer can be a little lazy. She never wants to walk anywhere.

But I started to grow concerned that maybe something was really wrong. And perhaps I was missing the clues.

I finally brought her to the doctor who recommended some blood tests to make sure everything was okay. Now Summer is one of those kids who screams in deep agony every time I even attempt to brush her hair so I could only imagine the effect of plunging a needle into one of her veins.

As we sat in the lab waiting room, I was very fearful Summer would start inquiring about our exact game plan. I had been quite vague about what was going to happen. No needles had been discussed.  Of course, just as soon as the technician called Summer’s name and we were about to get the whole thing over with – she had to poop.  And as you might guess, she is not a speed pooper.

Finally, Summer finished in the bathroom and the technician took her blood.  Honestly, it was like she was getting one of those temporary tattoos. She never even flinched. She acted like it was NOTHING.

Since it all went so well, I’ve decided to bring her to that hospital lab every morning so the technician can brush her hair.

A few days later I got the blood test results.

“We tested your daughter for Lyme Disease, her B12 levels, anemia…. and everything looks good. We don’t see any problems,” the nurse explained.

“Did you test for lazy?” I asked.

“No, that’s not something we usually test for,” she said.

“Well, you guys should consider it.”

I hung up the phone, feeling greatly relieved.

And just a few days later, I witnessed something miraculous. The girl who doesn’t like to walk from our dining room to our living room ran the half mile to her camp while her sister biked along side her.

I could not believe this was my girl. Running. Happily.

Maybe she was inspired by crazy hair day at camp.

Or maybe she just felt the wind beneath her wings.

Of course, she has since returned to her lady of leisure self. But now I know. Deep deep within my 4-year-old is a long distance runner with bright pink hair.

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