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Nearly 4 year-old Summer is sent home with four turkey feathers, made out of colored construction paper.

The instructions are simple.

We should ask her to name four things she is thankful for and write each one on a paper feather.

The first few are easy.

1. “I’m almost four.”

2. “Special birthdays”

3. “My toys”

But number four proves to be a bit hard to come up with so I offer my parental guidance.

“Your friends? Maybe the twins? Your sister Dylan? Your daddy? May I be so bold as to suggest your mother?”

Summer thinks hard.

Very hard.

Then she looks up with her big brown eyes and says…

“My clock.”


“Yes. My clock.”

It is decided.

So for all the clocks that are never given proper recognition, this Thanksgiving is for you.

As for the my four things. Well, this year, the list couldn’t be easier.

Here’s #1:

And #2:

And #3 and #4:

And if I had an extra feather, it would definitely be for this guy…

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