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I had lunch today with my friend Julie (And yes, our four children – all age 3 and under). You can imagine the scenario. I see no need to really elaborate. In our bits and pieces of conversation (between yelling nicely asking our children to sit down, eat chicken and stop squirting ketchup), we chatted about the fall tv schedule. Of course, the conversation only turned to tv after we finished our weighty discussion on Iraq. OK not. You know, a girl is allowed to be shallow sometimes. It’s very freeing.

So with the interns of “The Fashionista Diaries” now apparently making their way in publishing, pr and fashion without the cameras rolling or me watching and with all my high school friends in “Newport Harbor” having graduated – it’s time to see what else is out there. And by “out there”, I mean, “in my living room.”

I was excited about the season opener of “30 Rock.” This very sharp, funny comedy fell a little flat (even with Jerry Seinfeld around to help get the party started). But I know Tina and Alec will bounce back. My husband and I briefly checked out “Dirty, Sexy, Money.” In the few minutes we watched, I really saw nothing dirty or sexy. I wish I had. My husband loves “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “The Office.” Both solid shows but not exactly my thing.

We watched “Grey’s Anatomy” but the Meredith/McDreamy thing just feels done. ABC must agree because the on screen duo just broke up (sort of). Even so, I’ll still hang in there. It’s a light, fun ride. I have some favorite dramas like old school “ER” (yes, it’s still on and yes, it’s still good) and the critically acclaimed but little watched “Friday Night Lights” (and you don’t have to love football to like this show). But neither of these feel like a sugary indulgence. Then there is “Gossip Girl.”

“Gossip Girl” is the best weekly tv candy. Yes, “Gossip Girl” is another show about privileged high school students. But at least these are actors and they are probably in their mid-twenties. My days feel so messy with the feeding, cleaning, bathing and changing (repeat early and often). Shows like “Gossip Girl” are pretty, glossy, stylish and fun. At the end of a long day with my little, sloppy, adorable people, it’s like a mini getaway.

If none of these shows work for you, you could A) wait patiently for the debut of “Project Runway” B) read a book OR C) contemplate whether Chrissy and Clay of “Newport Harbor” will survive long distance. I personally am pulling for them.

mama bird notes

Have you ever stood at the beauty counter and looked at all those shades of foundation? I mean, seriously, how should I know if I’m fair, very fair or medium fair? Please. Of course, your beauty extraordinaire Alex has the solution. Click on “the beauty diary” under the menu bar.

5 Responses to the gossip from the ladies who lunch

  • Kimberly says:

    i say there is not a chance that chrissy and clay make it. always seems like a good idea to stay with your highschool boyfriend until you get to college and see the options. her dad won't be there to watch her every move.. i say clay is history. too bad i'm not 17!

  • Erin says:

    My sleep-deprived mindless thoughts:
    My DVR failed me in taping the premiere of Gossip Girls and now I feel I am too far behind to get into it..is it true? or can you give me the cliff notes to what has happened so far??? Not that I imagine the plot is THAT deep but I hate jumping into shows and missing how it all started.
    DYING for Project Runway to begin…any clue when that starts? I haven't seen any promos yet.
    I do like 30 Rock- its grown on me mostly cuz of the time slot its in….Grey's I so love but am disappointed with this season already- but McDreamy is so hot so will tune in faithfully.
    I thought I was the only person on earth STILL watching ER..I miss the Clooney days.. but the show is like crack and I can't NOT watch (PS. I don't do crack- just lots of TV)
    Never got into Newport Harbor- it uses the same theme song and music as Laguna Beach so I immediately felt cheated and refused to watch- they couldn't come up with ANY other opening tune? come on- you are MTV for God sake! But now I am wondering who Chrissy and Clay are and if they will stay together!!?
    And finally- please tell your hubby that in addition to our mutual love for chicken- I also LOVE LOVE LOVE "the office"- my favorite show, am totally obsessed and even have the last 3 seasons on DVD…(yes I know 'loser') If he ever gets spare time check out wwww.officetally.com- its a fan based website dedicated to the show and has tidbits on upcoming episodes, links to deleted scenes, inside info and all that good stuff!
    it's really pathetic how long my posting is….

  • Janna says:

    I agree with Rick on his love for "The Office." This past week I had just put the baby down for the 3rd time. My husband & I settled into our tv watching spots, all ready to laugh. But sadly, it didn't record. Yes, I will admit I had a small meltdown. Oh well, there's always next week.

  • Robin Singer says:

    We just expanded our cable service to include some HBO channels (for only $1/month more!) and watched an HBO show called "Tell me you love me". It was completely engrossing. It's about 4 couples all seeing a marriage counselor/couples therapist for varying reasons. There's something very real about the show that really caught me by surprise, like a sex scene with the not so hot gray-haired therapist herself. If you have HBO, I recommend you give it a viewing. If you do, report back!

  • Abby says:

    I'm finding it disturbing that my new fave is Gossip Girl, but I did just find out that my 42 year old friend David is OBSESSED with it so I felt a little better. Then again, i work with high school kids so it's really "research" for me. Yeah right!!!! None of my students wear Chloe bags or Stella McCartney outfits but still…keeps me in touch, right? I also think 30 Rock is brills. If your DVR does not tape then you can also watch a lot of shows at abc.com or nbc.com (some networks post the shows online). I just had this problem with Greys, and after a minor meltdown on Thursday night I just caught it online this morning.

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