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On Tuesday (while some were drinking beer and begging for beads in New Orleans), I took my girls to The Museum of Natural History. Because sometimes I just wake up and want to be surrounded by…

a. a gazillion foreign tourists and a billion local kids on school break.

b. dead animals

c. big ass old dinosaur bones

d. obviously all of the above

On the way to the museum, Dylan asked me, “Why did dinosaurs become extinct?” And I was stumped. 30 something years on this earth and I had no idea. I need to seriously learn more stuff.

We met my friend Sam and her son Paolo at the museum. At first we couldn’t find each other on the 4th floor and thank goodness for cell phones so we could have a high tech conversation like this…

“I’m in the dinosaur room. Where are you?”

“I’m in the dinosaur room. I don’t see you. Where are you?”

“In the dinosaur room. The one with the fossils and the dinosaur heads”

“I see fossils and dinosaur heads but I don’t see you.”

“You know. I’m just spit balling here but maybe we’re in different dinosaur rooms.”

Yes, we did track each other down. Somewhere between fossils and dinosaur heads.

The kids all had fun. Dylan mentioned that her favorite part was the cookie in the cafeteria. That totally seems worth the price of admission and parking.

And it turns out that scientists don’t really know why dinosaurs became extinct. Could have been an asteroid hitting the earth that caused extreme climate change. Could have been severe volcanic activity causing ash to block the sun, killing off the dinosaurs. Could have been an ice age or disease. They don’t really know.

Hey, I didn’t know either. I think that means I’m as smart as a scientist.

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