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Westchester magazine (a magazine for those of us on the outskirts of New York City) has an article about the rivalry between suburban living vs. city living and which is better. I’m way too lazy to actually read the article so Rick and I did our own completely unscientific and highly questionable experiment.

Friday night, we went out in the suburbs. We went to a very delish Italian place which was filled with a lot of old people, which made us feel young!

And then this guy walked in head to toe in TEAL. Yes, even his shoes were teal. Of course, due to our extreme politeness, we couldn’t just snap a picture of him. But we were very crafty and pretended to take a photo of our friends Daryl and Mark, but REALLY we’re photographing fun teal guy.

I know. We should work as spies.

Is that some fun suburban shit or what?!

The next night, we have somehow swindled my parents into babysitting overnight for all four of the kids for the second time and we spend the night in the city.

Last time, we stayed at the super swanky Standard Hotel. This time, due to national economic conditions, we downgraded to the modest Washington Square hotel. They even have rooms as low as $125! If you’re okay with bunk beds and a shared bathroom which Rick definitely was not. That guy is such a prima donna. So we splurged for a double bed with our own bathroom.

After we checked in, we went to this East side restaurant called Beauty & Essex. You first walk in through a pawn shop and then another door leads to this gorgeous dining space. I love a place where you can sell your grandmother’s watch to pay for your mini lobster tacos!

Beauty & Essex is filled with lots of beautiful, young models which tragically made me feel short and old. But the food is divine and they serve complimentary champagne in the ladies room. Universal truth: Once you’re tipsy on ladies room champagne, you no longer care if you’re short and old!

Here we are….

That shirt is my Summer-2011-Going-Out-Top. Rick’s shirt is his I-Just-Found-It-In-My-Closet-And-Put-It-On top.  After dinner, we went out to a couple hotel bars with our friend Jose…

Yes, Jose is obviously fun.

The next day, we did brunch and walked around the village and Soho. We even ran into this guy…

Obviously the unicolor look is sweeping the city too.

And then we headed home. (It seemed like the right thing to do since my dad had texted me the following message, “All the kids are wrapped in duct tape and locked in cellar.”)

So which is better… the suburbs or the city?

Obviously we love the suburbs because our beautiful children live there and they even made a “Welcome Home” sign for us which was ridiculously cute especially given we were only gone 19 hours. But we are picking the city by a slight edge because….

1. Free alcohol in ladies room

And 2. We witnessed numerous people wearing sunglasses at night who successfully pulled off this look.

I’m sorry but the suburbs just can’t compete with that.

20 Responses to the city vs. the suburbs: the final word

  • Lynn S. says:

    I’m with ya… the suburbs cannot compete. Counting the years until I can move back to NYC. My little one is going into 1st grade so 12 years to go…

  • kristen says:

    I wish I’d known about this restaurant, it would have been much better than the east side restaurant we went to, that had a very different idea of what medium rare means than I do.

    I’m with you though, the city is definitely preferable to the suburbs, especially the suburbs we chose, (should have gone with your choices), and then maybe we’d still be there.

  • Tonya says:

    I think the guy in red is the same dude who was in teal. I’m pretty sure he’s tailing you guys. Perhaps he needs a course in proper disguises.

    I love your dad’s text. Obviously this is where you get your humor.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    If you get free drinks in the Ladie’s Room, do you get to shit at the bar? Sounds like a new trend to me.

  • Aimee says:

    Ah yes. Spoken like a true New Yorker! I feel ya on that one! City love just doesn’t go away with a backyard, and free parking. (however it is great) I keep telling my husband we are going to retire in NYC NOT to dreaded Florida where are the old farts go to make their skin leather and die. For now, suburban CT is better to raise the wee ones, but NYC will always have my heart (and my dirty secrets of my past -none mothering/marital life)

  • scrappysue says:

    when i was in ny i took a photo of a guy who was walking his dog. the dog was wearing sneakers. purple blingy sneakers on every paw. but that isn’t the point. i took the photo from behind (as you did), but someone walking in the opposite direction ratted me out and the guy turned on me and went POSTAL and made me delete the photo! but wait – it gets better! he demanded i tell him where i was from – for some strange reason i guess i told him new zealand, whereupon he proceeded to tell me that he he was in the THEATRE, that he KNEW a new zealand actor, and that he was going to ‘tell on me’ to this nz actor. i didn’t want to point out the obvious: that this ‘new zealand actor’ wouldn’t know me from a bar of soap!!!

  • Ilana says:

    Well, I live in the city and now I feel totally uncool and out of the loop because I never heard of this Beauty & Essex place where they serve alcohol in the bathroom.

    SO. I guess, if you spend most of your time locked in your tiny apartment, the city stops making as much sense.

  • LT says:

    Drinks in the ladies room would definitely win my vote. I need to find a place with one of those restrooms asap. I just checked and the office bathroom is drink free. . .

  • Jen says:

    oooh, the suburbs vs. city. I choose city too, but my stomach wrenches when I think about when we move back in June…my apartment is too small for us, we have a 90 lb. dog now and a cat, there’s no room in my kitchen for anything, never mind cook in it. That said, I will love being back in NYC — walking, running, cabbing it and NOT DRIVING. Too much driving in Austin (plus it just never rains here and is 107 degrees for the past 69 days). Wooohooo, NYC!

    • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

      Please explain why you’d have a 90 lb. dog that makes a 20 lb. shit you have to clean up every day?

      • Jen says:

        that’s what dog walkers are for, Aunt Marcia! Seriously though, I’m sure picking up the crap will fade some of the love, but we can’t give up our guy…NYC is filled with dogs—everyone survives somehow!

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