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Warning: This post contains some nudity.

My daughters (7-year-old Dylan and 5-year-old Summer) recently opened a Barbie Store.

This is it…

It’s a small store.

It’s called Emma and Coco’s Barbie Store. Obviously.

I’m always encouraging them to seek out money making opportunities so I was excited about their entrepreneurial spirit. Rick and I are both more creative types so I was already preparing myself for the day they pick their college majors and it turns out to be Anthropology with a minor in Pig Latin otherwise known as, “Back to Square One After Graduation Day.”

But then this whole Barbie store thing came up and I was quite relieved to see we might have some offspring with a little financial acumen.

This relief did not last long.

Barbie Store Price List:

One Barbie (with clothing): $1

One Barbie (with clothing PLUS hair washed and trimmed): $2

All of the above plus bring your own Barbie to have her hair washed and trimmed: $3

In case you aren’t familiar with Barbie math, they are selling Barbies that originally cost $20 for the discounted rate of $1 or $2.

Because we don’t get a lot of public foot traffic through our playroom, the girls pulled out their school directories and just started calling everyone they knew.  The voice mail messages were not entirely clear. Most people thought they were getting a crank call from Ken or Skipper.

They’ve had a few sales and before you panic, please know the shop is still open. But don’t even bother requesting the Justin Bieber doll. He, along with this unidentified blonde Barbie, has already been sold to a Boca couple who wish to remain anonymous.

P.S. The Barbie dolls are naked so customers can choose their own outfits. You know, like Build-A-Bear without the stuffing. I was worried you all might think this is some kind of weird Barbie prostitution ring.

P.P.S. My apologies to anyone who majored in Anthropology and minored in Pig Latin. I did not mean to mock you. I’m sure you have a very successful career as a bilingual archeologist.

P.P.P.S. Emma and Coco’s Barbie Store only accepts cash, checks or candy.

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