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Since the twins were born, we have been through a lot of part-time mother’s helpers.

A few were just summer help and then had to go back to school. One had a mental breakdown due to personal reasons. (Not induced by us. I swear. I SWEAR.)

One thought being “on time” meant “showing up at some point in the afternoon unless there was a flake of snow or drop of rain on the ground and then she’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe.” One loved the twins but was almost adversarial with our bigger girls.

And then came Diane. (Name has been changed to protect her privacy – not because she’s in the witness protection program. Our one rule is that we don’t hire candidates with mob connections. This rule is flexible if they are really good at laundry.)

Diane is a great mother’s helper. She’s dependable, sweet, good with the kids, helps me with all the house stuff and is just easy to be around.

Ever day I pray that she will not suddenly announce her plans to move to California with her biker boyfriend or seek a workplace environment that is “less spirited.”

Which must be why 5-year-old Summer turned to her this week and said,

“I don’t like you. And I don’t want you to be my babysitter.”

Oh my god. Did my 5-year-old just attempt to fire my sitter?!

No one else was around at the time and this conversation was relayed to us by Diane when Rick got home from work. So Rick, in an effort to smooth things over, said,

“Now Summer. We know you didn’t mean that.”

And my precious daughter said, “Yes, I did.” (IN FRONT OF DIANE.)

And then, because this can get worse, we learn that this is not the first time Summer has tried to personally fire Diane.

Oh lordy. A lot of apologies went around at this point. Summer said, “I’m sorry.” We profusely apologized. Diane was very sweet about the whole thing and just wants things to be better between them.

Turns out, Summer (who can be very moody) misses some of her favorite sitters from the past who were a little more boisterous and goofy than Diane. Which I get. But STILL. Summer ended up making a very lovely card for Diane and we may have survived this little bump.

I certainly hope so because I really really really don’t want Diane to leave us and be back to interviewing candidates who wear ripped jeans and text during interviews.

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