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So someone anonymously left this on my husband’s desk at work…

Yes, that’s Bieber Fever grilling sauce.

I can only imagine it was meant for me.

I’ve had the nagging feeling for some time that there was something missing from my life and now I know this was definitely it. How have I even enjoyed BBQ without this delightful sauce? Especially since, according to the packaging, it’s “a little sweet” and “a little hot.”

It’s apparently made by Hot Sauce Harry’s (home of the Elvis line of sauces) but I can’t even find the JB product on their website so this must be really cutting edge sauce.  Or maybe they already got sued for illegally using Justin Bieber’s name and had to take it off their site.  I have no idea. Because despite what you may have heard around town, I’m not that knowledgeable on teen pop star hot sauce legal issues.

So anyway, I just want to express my gratitude to the person who gave us this incredible gift. Your generosity is beautiful.

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