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My daughter Dylan went on a field trip today.

I asked the teacher where it was – just in case Dylan got super excited, ran into the place, tripped and fell, hurt her knee and needed immediate medical attention. Then I could jump in my car, peel out of the driveway, then immediately pull over, put the address into Google Maps because I still don’t know where anything in Florida actually is, then peel back out onto the road, go pick her up, attempt to rush to the ER, pull over, search for a local ER on my phone, put it into Google Maps, then head back out and get her the needed medical help.

I mean, it could happen. She is the one who once fell in a shark tank on a Girl Scouts excursion.

And the one who believed there was a gorilla on the loose during a camp trip to the Bronx zoo.  I think she was 6 at the time but whatever Miss Gullible.

Turns out Dylan didn’t fall at all.

Not even into a goldfish tank.

She saw a play at an arts center. Sounds cultural and cool but I have no idea because that’s all I could really get out of her. I should have asked her about the trip when I was putting her to bed. At that time of night, she’ll talk nonstop about anything to avoid going to sleep. Maybe I should try tucking her in at 2:30 in the afternoon when I have more energy to chat.

Well, whatever happened on that field trip, I’m guessing it wasn’t quite as good at this one…

Wow. Talk about the best day ever. But man, way to raise the bar on field trips. Can you imagine the next time these kids are headed to the local history museum? Their tour guide is going to be like, “Why do these kids keep asking about some awesome toy store?” Poor guy.

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3 Responses to sponsored video: best field trip ever.

  • Princess Judy says:

    I think field trips are wasted on young children. I have a vague recollection of some of the ones I went on as a kid. I’d love to do that stuff nowadays, but I’d have to plan it, drive it, pay for it, guide the tour myself and keep myself on track. Nope, I’m exhausting just typing that. They need field trips for adults!

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