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This weekend I had the arduous task of going on a chocolate, desserts and wine tour in New York City.  My friend Alex was a little late so I just explained to the tour guide that my girlfriend Alex would be there soon and by “girlfriend,” I meant one of my best friends – not that we were dating or anything. The tour guide seemed really appreciative for all the information.

Alex showed up and I brought along a box of Jingos! Don’t you love a snack with an exclamation point!? And to think you’ve been eating snacks without exclamation points all these years.

On the tour, we got to try out lots of treats like cream puffs, cookies and chocolates. And Alex, Jingos! and I really enjoyed the wine tasting at a store call Pour.

The wine store guy was of course an actor wearing a headband.

Meanwhile, our tour guide was insanely boring. At one point during the wine tasting portion, I said, “Have a few glasses Pete! You’re always more fun when you’re drunk.” Which of course meant that everyone on the tour thought Pete and I went way back.

I ended up giving him a 10 dollar tip at the end of the tour. I have no idea why. It’s not like he’s going to go out and spend it on joke telling lessons. But I figured it was good karma. So good that I missed picking up my car by 10 minutes at the parking garage and the price jumped from $25 to $50. Yes, seriously. If you know where Pete is, tell him I need my 10 bucks back.

I don’t know what happened to Jingos! Last I saw that yummy cracker box, he was hanging out with some chocolate caramel popcorn.

P.S. Rick can not believe that a box of crackers got to go on this NYC excursion and not him.

mama bird notes:

I really really enjoyed your Jingos! comments from last week. You guys are a seriously funny bunch. The winner of the $150 Cloud 9 Living gift certificate (chosen randomly) is Franny Kasen! Congrats lady!

The post is sponsored by Jingos! Live Bold Challenge from Pepperidge Farm.

7 Responses to sometimes you just need a day in the city

  • frankasen says:

    OH MY !!! We just came home from a very exciting EAGLES GAME (it is 1:00 AM) and I decided to check my email before hitting the sack….and HERE you go and make my night even better!! Thank you Mama Bird! I’m not even sure what Cloud 9 Living is exactly, but I’m sure I’ll be an expert by tomorrow! I always love seeing your posts and you always make me smile, but tonite my smile is T H I S B I G.

  • Marinka says:

    Alex looks exactly like Uma Thurman which, seeing that she got to have wine AND Jingos and hang out with you, is just too much for one person. Send the Jingos my way to even things out.

  • Lanie says:

    It looks like you, Alex and the Jingos! had a great time. Perhaps if you had offered the parking attendant some Jingos! you could have gotten a discount. xo

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