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So this morning, as I whisked 3 year-old Dylan off to preschool, this sometimes nudgey girl was in no mood to say goodbye to her daddy. Nor did Dylan want to say “I love you.” A little wave was all she was offering (big sigh from me here). I feel for Rick. Being a working parent can be difficult. You might only get short bursts of time with your kid(s) at the beginning and at the end of a day and it’s upsetting when it all goes haywire. Rick wants to head to the office feeling connected to Dylan and Summer, not frustrated. Yet again, we learn that we can’t always control our children’s behavior. Don’t worry, we’ll keep trying.

Of course, both Dylan and Summer love their daddy like crazy. Summer can’t jump out of my arms fast enough to be with him. Here are two pictures I adore.




And this is just because I can’t resist. A few weeks ago, I found Rick’s old head shot (this is after his triumphant portrayal of Danny Zuko in his high school production of “Grease,” but before his days as a Fox News anchor). Rick once had dreams of being an actor but has parlayed his talents into the news biz. Oh how cute is he!? I love the denim collar shirt (very early 90s).


We did call Rick later in the day so Dylan could say, “I love you.” If that’s not enough to make Rick smile, Martini has headed back to Connecticut. Hallelujah! We are now living in a poop free zone. Well, at least it’s not on the floor anymore. Thankfully, something we CAN control.

mama bird notes:

We all have enough doubts about our parenting skills without our own children weighing in about our shortcomings. Contributing mama Daphne Biener gives us a very humorous look at her 6-year-old, the safety pup. To read more, just click on “contributing mamas” under the menu bar.

And finally, there is hope for us lazy environmentalists. My friend Sandrine just told me about an organization that will put a stop to all that junk mail with little effort on your part. Click on “drooling over this” on the menu bar to find out more.

3 Responses to sometimes it’s hard to say i love you

  • Jordana says:

    I can relate to this one – sometime I'll barely get a wave and/or she refuses to say "Bye Bye" – and forget about a kiss! As a side note, LOVE Rick's headshot – thanks for sharing it – sometime I'll have to show you Michael's – it's the late 90s biker look – very funny!

  • Allison Teweles says:

    Yeah…Maggie (2), recently left Rob a message at work for a similar reason. It went a little something like this (all on speaker phone):
    "Tell Daddy bye-bye. Tell him you love him."
    "I don't love him."
    "Mags, tell Daddy you love him."
    "I don't love him. Bye, Daddy. I like you."

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