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I never got this Ryan Gosling crush thing. What is so great about him? He just looks so boy next door. Like I could have told you that his Wikipedia bio would say “Mickey Mouse Club” before I even read it.

I’ve always preferred my guys a little more rugged. Tousled hair. More brooding. Sweatier.

Like Rick Santorum in a ripped, sexy sweater vest.

No, that’s not right.

I meant to say… a Bradley Cooper/Tim Riggins/ Coach Taylor hybrid.

But Ryan Gosling?  I’ll admit that it didn’t help that I sort of thought Jason Lee and Ryan Gosling were the same person. I have no idea why. My mind can been a strange place. At least I’ve now stopped saying, “Ryan Gosling was really good in Vanilla Sky but I did not understand what the hell was going on in that movie.”

But then something happened. I rented Crazy Stupid Love.

(Remember when we all went to Blockbuster to rent movies instead of pushing the “On Demand” button on our remote. Isn’t it so quaint to think of getting in the car, starting it, driving to Blockbuster, perusing the racks, praying they have your movie in stock, and then bringing it home so your significant whatever could say, “Oh that one? Why did you get that one? I don’t want to see that.” And then you scream, “Then go to Blockbuster yourself you jerk!!)

Anyway, I watched Crazy Stupid Love and I started to understand this Ryan Gosling thing. You know, the way fashionistas seem to understand the merits of color blocking and mixing patterns. And by the way, when did we all start saying, “color blocking” like it was normal?

First of all, Crazy Stupid Love is really a good movie.

And second, there is something very very appealing about Ryan Gosling. (He’s one of those actors that you have to use his full name every time you mention him.)  His abdominal muscles are insane. And he’s just boyishly cute and charming. So I get you Ryan Gosling lovers. I finally get you.

Other new crushes I may need to discuss in the future….

1. William Levy from Dancing with the Stars (a new, improved and hotter version of Harry Connick Jr.)

2. David Walton from the  show Bent with Amanda Peet. (My contractor did not look this guy and now I feel cheated.)

So to recap my post…

Ryan Gosling is not Jason Lee. Ryan Gosling is super cute. So are William Levy and David Walton. I hope my husband knows how much I love him even though I’m writing about celebrity crushes. I still don’t understand the movie Vanilla Sky. Crazy Stupid Love is a much better flick. Blockbuster is old school and caused a lot of fights. The end.

27 Responses to ryan gosling i think i’m finally falling for you

  • Nancy Walton says:

    Where do I begin commenting on this post? Kelcey, I’m so happy you have jumped on the “Ryan Gosling is cool” bandwagon! You probably know, because I feel like I mention it every other day, that I personally know Ryan Gosling, that we worked together for 6 weeks on a film he was in, that I was Locations Director for. To be honest, I am listed in the credits as Assistant Locations, but that’s because the week I was hired, the Locations Director was fired so I had the responsibility but didn’t get the credit. But I digress. . .Ryan and I hit it off on the very first day of the shoot, with him saying “Hi, I’m Ryan” and asking if he could sit with me at lunch. We connected right away, even though he was just about to turn 21 and I was, well let’s just say I was older but was told I looked younger than my age. For the next 6 weeks, we had a lot of fun, great talks and laughs and the last week of the shoot, he asked me to help him do some Christmas shopping at a little boutique/antique shop in Choteau, Montana where we were on location. After we looked at and discussed everything in the store, (“Do you think this silver picture frame is a good gift for a girl?” Will my mother like this antique lace bedspread?”), we got to talk about what the future had in store for him. You might remember that I have done readings for friends and others for several years, and from the first day of production I was getting a lot of energy and insight into this young man with the old soul, Ryan Gosling, so I shared what I got with him. He’s a Scorpio and as such, is very intuitive himself so he was happy to hear what I saw for him. I told him that even though his friends from the Mickey Mouse Club would achieve star status before he would (Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara) and they would make a lot of money with their musical abilities, when his time came, he would not only become a shining star, he would have the respect and acclaim of his acting peers, but also of the critics and he would eventually be recognized for the amazing talent that he is. I cautioned him that it might seem to take a long time to get there though and I saw him receiving his first Oscar nod when he was around 28 years old. He assured me that he could wait and I knew he meant it. The day after the wrap party was to be his last day in town and we had made plans to do some thrift shopping but as it turned out, he had a day’s worth of business to finish up with the production office, so we didn’t get to hit the shops. He did leave a message on my answering machine at home though, thanking me for everything we had shared in our time together. I still have the cassette tape somewhere, with his voice saying, “Hey, it’s Ryan. I’m sorry we aren’t going to get to go to the thrift stores but I have a load of paperwork and things to settle up with at the production office. I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed being with you though. I can’t thank you enough for our time together. You were my angel, you really were, and I’ll never forget you and the things you’ve told me. If you ever get to L.A., here’s my phone number and address. Please keep in touch and I hope we’ll have time together again.” The following summer in the grocery store, I saw an entertainment magazine with the cover story being something about celebrity summer romances and on the bottom, a little blurb about Sandra Bullock, “She’s dating a 21-year old!” I knew without looking that it was Ryan and I was right. Later I read somewhere else what she had said about Ryan, that he was special, “a little Buddah.” That was the Ryan I knew. When he was 27, he was nominated for his first Oscar, for best supporting actor for “Half Nelson” and I feel he should have been nominated this year for last year’s film, “The Ides of March”. He’s not only an incredibly focused actor, he’s a great singer, dancer and can play guitar, writes songs and is more like his character in “Crazy, Stupid Love” and “The Notebook” than in any of his other roles, in my humble opinion. He is a true down-to-earth, well-adjusted guy, kind, sexy and open-hearted. Of course he has that intense gaze and mysterious vibe that all Scorpios have, but he’s great at putting everyone he meets at ease no matter what their age or walk of life. He likes/loves older women and has been quoted recently as saying the two great loves of his life are Rachel McAdams and Sandra Bullock. I was not surprised. Okay, I know I have way overstepped my bounds in the comment section of this post, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m a Ryan Gosling fan for life!

  • Julie says:

    I rarely get excited about any male movie star, but I must admit that I dream about Ryan Gosling. Not only is he sooo cute, but he seems so sweet, down to earth, cool and nice. I want to be his girlfriend.

  • Angi says:

    What a coincidence! We just “rented” it this weekend through Netflix. I have to agree – it was a great movie. The next morning, my darling husband said to me, “you wish I looked like Ryan Gosling, don’t you?”. My reply: “nah, he’s photoshopped”.

  • It’s about freaking time! What is not to love about that man??? Ok, ok, I’ll admit I had the hardest time keeping him and Ryan Reynolds straight (both Ryans, around the same age, came on the “scene” at the same time and I REFUSE to see The Notebook).

    The movie that did it for me was Fracture (rent it the next time you’re at Blockbuster fo’ sho’) and I’ve been smitten ever since. Crazy stupid love was just icing on the cake that is my Ryan G love. Yummy.

  • N and Em's mom says:

    I fell in love with him while watching ‘Lars and the Real Girl.’ It’s quirky and plays into my fantasy that someday my family and friends will humor me.

  • erinb says:

    How is this possible? hello!?? The NOTEBOOK! Did you not see that movie?? how smokin and dreamy he was….(yes, I need a life)

  • Lou says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s that scene in Crazy Stupid Love where he takes off his shirt and Emma Stone says something about him being “Photoshopped,” and it’s like… wait a minute, why did I not notice that before? Powerful stuff, that movie.

  • Sharon W says:

    How soon we forget. Friday Night Lights is off the air less than a year and already you forgot the hottie’s name. It’s Tim RIGGINS not HIGGINS. Does he look like an English Professor to you. I’m with you on the other crushes. Just caught up on Bent this Sunday. Loving DWTS this season too

  • Carly says:

    This post made me laugh so much, along with everyone else’s comments especially Nancys (she has the major hots for Ryan). I think he’s a great actor, Drive?! enough said but is it just me or are his eyes particularly close together?? No matter, I’m just being picky.

    Crazy Stupid Love was crazy, stupid and I loved it. Steve Carell is my guy though, absolutely hilarious. Ryan has the looks but you can’t beat a guy that can make you laugh so hard you cry.



  • I still don’t get the Gosling love, mostly because in the “dark brooding” picture he looks like nothing so much as the second coming of Judd Nelson. “Hey Johnny, SMOKE UP!!!!”

    Do not want.

  • What’s a certain method to tell if a guy likes you or not? You certainly like him, however making sense of whether this guy likes you or not is simply making you crazy. You need to be 100% certain that this guy likes you, before you “make a move” with the goal that you don’t make a trick out of yourself. That is normal. Guys do that as well.

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