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You know how someone always thinks of something really cool like those green stoppers that keep your Starbucks coffee from spilling out and sloshing all over your lap in the car.

Or that burgundy hued liquid that you can ingest at the end of the day to calm yourself the hell down? Some are more familiar with the commercial name of “wine.”

Anyway, people are always having these awesome ideas and then of course making gazillions. I never come up with these things first. I’m actually the 1, 404, 983rd person to usually think of them.

But finally, I had an AMAZING idea. First.

I bought a domain name.


I know. Can you believe it was STILL for sale?

Don’t even try buying it. I have it, sucker. I’m on a crazy Mark Zuckerberg high.

Here’s why…. I know moms that cried when they saw “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” and I don’t even think they saw the 3D Director’s Fan Cut.

Yup. Sobbing at 2D.

Moms love this kid. He was raised by a single mom.  He’s talented, sweet and charming. He’s adorable with his fans. He had a dream and blah blah, never say never, youtube it up, who needs “American Idol”, he’s a superstar!

I immediately emailed Wendi and Marinka so they would know that one of the Mouthy Housewives would soon be drowning in Bieber dough and they were completely thrilled but hid their excitement in emails like this…

From Wendi: “Marinka –  I just sent 2 men from Cult Breakerz to Kelcey’s house. If she calls you to come get her out of their conversion van, DO NOT do it. She must be debieber deprogrammed before this gets any worse.”

I bought the domain name for $12.95.  Marinka immediately recognized the value of this purchase and offered me $14 but I’m holding out for much more generous offers.

I emailed another friend. She’s not a blogger so I’ll just call her Shmeredith.  She said, “Do people even buy domain names anymore?”

Visionaries like Steve Jobs and I just have to deal with the doubters.

Now there is one tiny, little hiccup in my plan. I’m not sure exactly what to do with the site.

Obviously, we’ll do a lot of heckling of Grammy stealing Esperanza Spalding.  And we’ll have passionate discussions over whether Selena Gomez is good enough for our little JB. Of course, first I have to google “Esperanza Spalding” and “Selena Gomez” to find out who the heck these women are.

And we’ll have a virtual shrine to Usher who helped make our Justin “Baby” into a star.

And maybe a weekly live chat on Justin’s hair. You know, any styling changes he’s made. Conditioner or no conditioner? Can styling gel go wrong? Lesbians who like his new hair cut vs. the ones who are mad that he now looks like Ellen DeDeneres. That sort of thing.

Obviously, it’s a work in progress. If you have any unbelieberable ideas, please share.

mama bird notes:

While I’m waiting for my Bieber riches to roll in, please notice that I now have an Amazon affiliate ad up on the left sidebar. So if you’re buying something from Amazon, please click on that link to make your purchase and a tiny little percentage will go to me! Thank you. xo

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