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It’s Monday so maybe you are a little too busy to read a whole post so let me give you the bottom line here… camping with children is dangerous.

Especially when it comes to making s’mores at the camp fire.

Have a good day!

If you’re still reading, I should probably clarify something.

When I say, “making s’mores at the camp fire,” I sort of really mean at the restaurant Cosi.

I would camp if I liked lying on the ground, not showering and if tents had bolt locks and an alarm system. But since that’s not the case, I decided to forgo the bonfire and take the Cosi route.

I thought it would be a super fun winter activity for my four children. But as 4 year-old Summer was toasting her marshmallow, it sort of caught on fire. So she threw the stick down and ran hysterically crying from the table. Because I have no desire to burn down a restaurant, I grabbed the marshmallow stick and blew it out.

Which is when it occurred to me that maybe this wasn’t a children’s activity.

This was confirmed when I heard an employee whisper very loudly under his breath, “You are supposed to be 16 if you are making s’mores.”

Well, that charming young man doesn’t think I’m a day over 15. How sweet is that! Oh. He might be talking about my kids.

And then the woman next to us, looked at me with these very sad eyes and said, “I’m just worried about the babies.”

At which point, I glanced over at Harlowe and Chase and thought, “The babies are fine – other than the fact that they are too young to participate in this chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow magical yumminess.”

And oh my gosh – did I just get judged? At a Cosi? Oh grilled cheesus, that’s humiliating.

Fine then. I won’t let my 4 year-old handle flames. Are you happy now lady?

I prepared the rest of the s’mores and let the girls concentrate on the eating.

And just by chance, the following night we took the girls to a real bonfire to hear some Christmas carols.

It was quite a bonfire.

Even with firefighters on the ground, I felt a little nervous.ย  Both girls were sobbing within minutes. Something about the terrifying building-size flames and flying embers.

Definitely not a s’mores night.

mama bird notes:

If you haven’t bought all the goats on your Christmas list, there is still time to win one! Just click here and scroll to the bottom of the post for details on how to enter.

Finally, this post is dedicated to Nancy Shea. Nancy was a faithful reader of my blog and a truly sweet woman. She will be missed by me and many others. xo

26 Responses to put down the s’mores and read this first

  • Jennifer says:

    16 to roast marshmallows? Seriously? It’s a wonder I lived to be an adult with all that campfire danger! From the marshmallows!

    That is one impressive bonfire, though.

  • Abby Siegel says:

    If that was really the bonfire I’m concerned…otherwise I’m thrilled that you have an hour a week to watch Glee hence the grilled cheesus remark. Because I know you have 4 kids but we still need TV in common!

  • kristen says:

    we were just talking about cosi today, how funny is that! a bunch of ex-new yorkers sitting on the beach, making smores around the fire pit celebrating my friend’s birthday. we weren’t sure cosi was still around – now i can report back that it is. :O

    and i’m almost certain you can figure out what i think about those judging marshmallow heads…

  • How DARE that woman judge you regarding open flame, kids and a restaurant, when you could have easily burned something/someone at home! My almost 3-year-old caught her hair on fire the day after Thanksgiving trying to blow out a candle; who knew she’d dip her head like she was bowing to the Queen before blowing?! Sheesh!

  • hokgardner says:

    16 to make smores? What the heck is this Cosi place anyway.

    And I hate camping. In fact, my keyring says “I love not camping.” Unfortunately, my husband LOVES camping and so do the kids.

  • annie says:

    Oh tell Judgy McJudgerton to mind her own damn business. I’ve been catching marshmallows on fire since I was wee thing. My eyebrows grew back just fine!

  • Bitsy says:

    Something is wrong with the world if a kid can’t roast a marshmallow until he or she is 16. I’ve been risking my childrens’ lives in the name of yummy, do-it-yourself desserts since they were barely walking.

  • tracy says:

    Next time give your kids some sun and a magnifying glass and have them make their own fire. More educational and fun. I am sure the other diners would agree. And you can kill ants..see, just like camping. Everyone wins.

  • Megan says:

    What a fun idea, even though the execution was not quite as fun. Smores are great on a cool summer night outside.
    I’d love a goat to hang out in my storage room in the basement. Maybe he could eat some of the stuff so I don’t have to deal with it!

  • Candice says:

    I can’t stop picturing your daughter running away from the table hysterically. That made me laugh out loud in my cubicle.

  • Oh my goodness. Those damn judgers!! Reminds me of the time I asked the kids to: “Come on lets burn the christmas tree in the fire pit!”
    It was April. And yes, it went up as quick and ferocious as your envisioning, only with a wind gust!

  • Ok, I don’t know from this Cosi place, but if there are s’mores on the menu do they really think they’re going to stave off orders from the under-16 set?

    By the way at our Family Camp this summer (SUCH a long explanation, probably a full length memoir) there were s’mores to be had. The children did just fine; it was the grandmas and aunts who ended up dribbling them down the front of our sweatshirts. So you never know who’s going to bobble a s’more and shouldn’t assume it’s always the kid…

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