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There are just some moms that make me feel a whole lot better about my parenting. Like moms who say stuff like this….

I think she is underestimating the difficulty of finding matching animal prints for mom and baby. Isn’t that really the hardest part?!

Or moms like this…

Well, you sort of have to respect her commitment.

These are just two of the stars of a new show called Pretty Wicked Moms.  This guilty pleasure is an unscripted comedy, staring six feisty, outrageous Atlanta moms.  And when they say “wicked,” I don’t think they mean, “way awesome and cool” like my dad, a Massachusetts native, does.

Here’s a sneak peek here of the show here….

Oh, I really hope that one mom puts her dog in a bjorn.

Pretty Wicked Moms premiers on Tuesday, June 4 at 10/9c on Lifetime.

This is a sponsored post from A&E Television Networks and/or AETN’s third-party advertisers. All opinions are my own.

7 Responses to pretty wicked moms

  • Kim says:

    As an Atlanta mom, I’m telling you that they don’t mean it to be an endearing term – and these ladies are probably just fine with that.
    Ugh. This is why my kids don’t have many play dates.

  • Damn It another tv show that makes Atlanta look like the home of the morons. However it does look pretty amusing. And I am pretty on board with the drinking makes play dates better, but only if there is no driving involved. Which is rare in the ATL.
    And when I lived in Manhattan there was more drinking at play-dates b/c you were either walking or taking the subway home.

  • Traci says:

    This is so Disgusting, I don’t find it funny I find it deeply disturbing. People that are raising children to think that this behavior is OK??? Well it just shows the Direction our society is going. Sorry But Won’t watch. I hope Child Services is tuning in! Maybe they can make a quick home visit!!! 🙂

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